Sunday 8 February 2015

My Sunday Photo 8/2/14

I've missed being able to take part in my Sunday photo! As Eliot and I are still living at my parents who don't have the internet, I'd been relying on my iPhone to upload photos. Typically I had an issue with it for about three weeks and couldn't upload any photos from my camera roll to blogger. Luckily my phone has started to behave again so I'm able to share :) On Friday the OH and I took Eliot to a farm, it was bloomin' freezing but such a nice afternoon out and Eliot really enjoyed himself. We fed some animals in the barn including some very large (and beautiful) shire horses. It was inside the barn where a tiny little piglet caught my eye. As my heart melts at any animal baby I rushed over to find a group of piglets all huddled together looking totally adorable, the photo doesn't do justice!

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