Monday, 18 August 2014

They're Almost Over...

I'm talking about the summer holidays, we've had sun, we've had downpours so we have been able to get outside and enjoy the good weather but have needed some rainy day options too! For me my little man has recently found his feet so my main job has been to make sure he doesn't have any nasty falls. Other than that we have enjoyed indoor time learning how to play with different toys and some sensory messy play. One of our favourites is cornflour. You manipulate it and it's solid, stop and it's gloop! Eliot loved watching me roll it in my hands and seeing it go gloopy. He had a great time poking it and picking it off his highchair tray. It's a fab, cheap way to do some sensory exploring and you can make it more exciting by adding food colouring and bits of glitter.
Outdoors we've been enjoying lots of visits to different parks and visiting museums.
At one of many parks

 In the British Museum
One of the  best things about the summer holidays is getting the chance to catch up with family we don't see very often. Eliot loves his big cousin Ella so it was nice they had more time to play.

 Of course being active indoors or out works up an appetite! We were recently sent some McVitie's BN biscuits to try out which are a great 'treat' snack. If you haven't come across them yet, they are sandwich biscuits with a cheeky wink available in three different flavours (chocolate, raspberry & vanilla). We were sent the raspberry and chocolate to try.
 I think I enjoyed trying the BN biscuits more than Eliot! Both flavours taste great but I would have to say I preferred the chocolate overall, probably because I am a bit of a chocoholic! Here's Eliot enjoying a BN biccie...

As I said they are great as sweet treats and perfect for picnics in or out.

My tips for the summer holidays...
  •  Have some rainy day activities up your sleeve, even when it's not raining! From crafts, to toys to projects there is so much inspiration out there!
  • Budget for days out as they can be very costly. Taking picnics can save a lot of dosh too!
  • Encourage your kids to use their imagination. Whether it's going on a Gruffalo hunt or role play with their toy shop, get them to use it!
  • Catch up with family and friends, it's nice for the kids to spend time together and/or with different people.
  • Get cooking in the kitchen, it could be simple fairy cakes or something more complicated. A great way to inspire kids to get hands on with food.
  • Make the most of the good days, get outside to the park or wherever takes your fancy!
  • Read with your children everyday whether it's you reading to them or vice versa!
What would be your best tip for summer fun?
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Monday, 11 August 2014

What's In My Changing Bag

One of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube is a 'What's In My Changing Bag' so I've jumped on that bandwagon and recorded one myself. I also made the decision to quit Veda after a couple of vlog related dramas. Friday night I uploaded but then realised I hadn't edited correctly so that didn't go up until Saturday morning. Then we didn't get home till 10pm Saturday after looking at possible areas to move to. I had barely any footage to upload and it wouldn't upload in time. So my last Veda vid was What's In My Changing Bag :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

One Year On...Pyloric Stenosis

Pyloric Stenosis becomes apparent when a baby is around six weeks olds. It is more likely to affect firstborn babies and boys.
Apparently it is fairly common although I had never heard of it nor knew anyone whose baby had it.

One year ago today I took Eliot to Accident & Emergency at St Thomas' Hospital. Six weeks earlier he had been born there. One year ago today I was told that my son had pyloric stenosis, I was told he would need an operation, I was told I could not feed him. I will never forget his tears and the look on his face as if to say 'Mummy why aren't you feeding me?'
No parent wants to see their child ill in any way. We were lucky that we found out what the problem was straight away, we were lucky it was not anything more serious.

Eliot before his operation
 But still it was one of the worst things I've experienced, my baby with tubes coming out of him, my baby being taken from me by the surgeons. Waiting to find out my baby was ok after being operated on.
After the op
Thankfully it all went well, he recovered perfectly and is none the wiser about his ordeal at such an early age.
You can read about the run up, the symptoms and time frame in my post from earlier on in the year.

Please do share with any expectant mummies, it was not something I was aware of prior to Eliot being sick.
One year on, Eliot is a happy and healthy little chap!

Harvester update

A couple of months back, you may remember I wrote a post about an incident with the Harvester restaurant serving out of date baby food, you can read my post here. I thought I would do a quick update as after my last correspondence with the CEO my other half was still unsatisfied that there had not been an apology from the top. To cut a long story short he arranged for one of the area managers to contact us and meet in person if we wished. When she contacted my other half they arranged a date, the day before Eliot's first birthday party. Typical the OH would do such a thing when I had cake baking to be doing!
So I couldn't attend the meeting but my partner did. The area manager went into detail about how she had investigated the matter, one thing that that came up was that they had called me following my initial complaint and she'd checked the phone records. I did not receive any call from them, unless they called from a withheld number or some 08 zillion to the back of beyond number. In that case I would not have picked up my phone (I don't to such numbers) and in that case they should have left a voicemail. That got my back up a bit because it insinuated we were liars, of course I wasn't there to argue my case but the OH obviously did. Other than that the meeting went ok, we were informed that training/measures had been put in place to ensure that no other baby is served out of date food and the incident had been a learning curve. They did kindly give Eliot a Toys R Us voucher to apologise for 'letting him down', which was unexpected.
After my previous post  I received a comment from someone who basically said after getting our meal complimentary we shouldn't have taken it further. It was not about getting a 'freebie' it was about the health and safety of my son and other babies! If we hadn't made a fuss/drama, there's a possibility it could have happened to someone else's baby and if they have new measures in place as we were informed, it theoretically should never happen again.  And that is not a bad thing!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

First Year Favourites-Essential Baby Items & Tips When buying


I like many other mums, went crazy baby shopping when I was pregnant. I bought far too many baby clothes and other unnecessary bits and bobs, so I thought I'd make a vlog featuring my favourite essential baby items. I realise not all will be 'essential' to some parents but the items featured are what I found essential for us, my favourite baby essentials! I haven't included any of the 'big' items in the vlog just the little things that make a difference!

Even though I did go 'crazy' when baby buying, there are a few tips I'd thought I'd share that enabled me to save quite a bit of money! (especially on some of those larger items)

  • Find out when the next baby & toddler events are on at supermarkets, you can bag some real bargains!
  • ALWAYS shop around (including online) and compare prices to find the best deal
  • Shops like Mothercare hold expectant parent evenings and offer extra discounts (I bought our pushchair from Mothercare on one of these evenings and got an extra 10% off an already reduced item!)
  • Wait for end of season sales
  • Find out if any ex-display items are for sale (I could have bought a Silver Cross Surf with carrycot for £250)
  • Use ebay (I bought our Mama's & Papas cotbed, changing unit and wardrobe set brand new and saved £95 on the stores reduced price!)
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons, use them or lose them!
  • Join up with baby clubs such as Boots, Cow & Gate, Aptamil etc for discounts and freebies
 What were your favourite essentials?
My first year faves...
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