Monday, 15 September 2014

Meet The City Kitties!

Apart from my About Us page I haven't really mentioned our pet cats, Mimi and Coco. I thought it was about time I did as they are a big part of our everyday life. They are our fur babies.  I pestered the OH about getting a cat when we moved in to our current home, he wasn't so keen but I persisted and one Sunday in 2011 two kittens moved in with us. I found them through Gumtree which in all honesty is not the way I would have like to have found them. I would have much rather rehomed them from a rescue centre. But I know they have strict guidelines and as we lived in a flat I knew it would be unlikely they would let us have any.

Mimi likes to think she is the boss and can be quite feisty but she is very affectionate and likes lots of cuddles. She also likes Eliot and will rub her head on him to show her affection. Eliot loves her too but is still a bit too rough with her.  
She also thinks she is a bit of a canine as she likes playing fetch with a plastic bottle lid. If you throw it she'll run after it and bring it back. Sometimes she will bring it to us to instigate the game!

Coco likes to keep herself to herself during daylight and avoids Eliot at all costs! He is too boisterous for her liking. She seems to prefer me to the OH and will seek my affection at certain times of the day, usually night time. She'll follow me into the bathroom and if she's not quick enough the door gets scratched until I let her in. She likes to drink from the tap in the kitchen and bathroom and lay next next to me in bed. 

They drive me nuts at times. like when Coco purrs and walks above my head during the night. She has probably woken me more than Eliot. Or when Mimi won't stop head butting me and gets in Eliot's way.
As friends they're not as chummy as they were as kittens, in fact they get quite uptight about each other and have little cat fights.

Anyway that's my little intro to our fur family :)

Have you got pets?

Friday, 12 September 2014

WotW Defeated

My word of the week is linked again to our hunt for somewhere to move. On Monday evening I Googled estate agents in the area we are looking to move to. I trawled through them, looking at their own websites to see if they had any houses that weren't on RightMove yet. I found one that was in our budget and looked lovely. The garden was huge, I imagined Eliot enjoying the outdoor space and our cats getting some outdoor life. We even talked about knocking through the kitchen wall (ridiculous I know!). In my mind it was the one and I couldn't wait to view it.
Tuesday morning I phoned the estate agents, the sales team were in a meeting so one of them would call me back (yeah right! I don't know about your experiences but estate agents rarely seem to call us back). After an hour or so I rang them back, only to be told there were only six available slots to view and they'd all been taken. I could have cried with disappointment. I explained our situation, we'd sold our house and I asked if there was any way a viewing could be booked for another time. But no was the answer, how could I have missed one of those slots?! I felt utterly defeated and feel like we'll never find what we're looking for without a battle! If you have any tips to share on being successful and dealing with estate agents I will be very grateful!

UPDATE- After posting this earlier I received a phone call from the estate agent about the property above. He mentioned something along the lines of  ''they were having a viewing day Saturday' but things have obviously changed. We have an appointment to view next Friday, to say I'm excited is an understatement! But I'm now thinking if they have viewings during the week it could be taken off the market. So please keep your fingers crossed that we at least get to view it, we already know we would make an offer!

The Reading Residence

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Baby First Year Favourites-Toys/Entertainment


There are a gazillion different toys on the market for babies and children but quite typically Eliot can often prefer playing with something a bit random! From waving a menu in a restaurant around to rolling plastic bottles along the floor, sometimes it's the simple things that he enjoys most. But saying that we as the consumer, as parents are drawn to the colourful medley of toys that are aimed at our little ones. Whether their gifts from family, friends or bought ourselves I think most of us certainly end up with an abundance of toys, some fab and some not so fab. So Eliot and I have done our second 'First Year Favourites' video and we're talking about our fave toys/entertainment!
What have been your favourite toys during the first year?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Transport Theme Toddler Room

Ok I'm totally jumping the gun but today I purchased a few of these transport themed furnishings for Eliot's room when we move. We've sold our flat but haven't found anywhere to move to yet but I couldn't resist buying a few of these bits. Eliot is a huge fan of cars, buses, and other vehicles, he gets super excited when a big red bus passes by! When I saw some of the bits in Asda a few weeks ago I knew they would be perfect for Eliot.
The main picture shows quite a bit of the range, including the quilt and pillowcase set in cot bed size which I bought priced at £9. The top right picture shows the curtains which I haven't bought for a couple of reasons. I obviously don't know what size the windows will be when we move and I don't want to over-do the transport theme so I'm going to wait and see how everything looks! The next photo shows the fleece blanket which I bought priced at £5. Underneath is a fire engine rug which I also bought priced at £9. Last of all is the lampshade which I didn't buy, yet! I didn't buy the 'Stop' cushion as in store they have a bus one which I think will be more fitting for Eliot.
I also bought a cot bed sized duvet for £9.
The quilt cover also comes in single bed size too for those that are in single beds.
I think Asda have a gorgeous range of kids bedding, if you're looking for new sets definitely take a look!
Have you got a theme in your toddlers room?

#My Sunday Photo - The One That Got Away

Excuse the poor photo but this was taken through the car window after our first viewing at a house we put an offer on. Unfortunately someone offered over the asking price which meant we lost out. As you can see the front garden is in a bit of a state and the back was even worse. Inside needed a lot doing which would have cost into the thousands. My mum said it was probably a blessing in disguise that our offer wasn't accepted, of course we were disappointed but I'm hoping a house that is right for us comes up soon!
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