Thursday 19 October 2017

Her name is,,,

The fact that the 'n' in this font does not give a capital letter irritates me a lot but I was too tired to faff anymore!

Choosing a name for our pink surprise was a lot harder than expected, especially as we had five names we both agreed on for a girl but not really any for a boy.
Those five names were...
  1. Florence
  2. Matilda
  3. Alice
  4. Lottie
  5. I can't remember at the moment!!! (baby brain)
But when it came to deciding on one, they didn't seem right for her. Also we'd shared them with our mothers who commented that they didn't like any of them. Not that it mattered what anyone else thought but subconsciously I probably had these comments stuck at the back of my mind.
Days went by with people asking if we had given her a name but the truth was we hadn't really spoke names in the blur of the newborn days. We made suggestions and briefly discussed names but still none seemed to fit.
I know lots of people have names for their bumps when they know what they're having or even if it's a surprise but for me I had to see my babies before I could give them a name set in stone. With Eliot his name was on the list we had come up with but it still took a couple of days to name him.
So how did we come to the name Nola?
Nola actually featured in my list of names that we probably wouldn't choose for baby 2!
But after a trip out whilst paying for petrol it suddenly popped in to my head having forgotten all about it. I suggested it to the other half who said he'd think about it and thought we should watch the film, which we did  (Matchpoint) where we'd first heard the name when Eliot was a baby. A couple of days later we agreed on Nola...finally our little lady had a name!
We were going to give her both our mums' names for a middle name but it ended up causing a mini drama which I won't go in to but you may know what I'm talking about if you are in the blogging group on facebook where I posted about it.
Belle for a middle name was my idea after making a list of possibilities, Nola Mae, Nola Seren, Nola Alice, Nola Isla, Nola Lyra.
Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film and is sentimental to myself and the OH, so it seemed fitting for her and it meant something, in addition to it going well with Nola. She will have our mums' names after 'Belle' too even though I'd prefer not to use them.
She has also gained a fair few nicknames already too... they just fall out of my mouth!
  1. Poochie
  2. Poochie Woocha
  3. Nola Beans
  4. Little Lady
  5. M'Lady
  6. Rascal
  7. Poopy
  8. Poopy Girl
  9. Poopy Woopa
  10. Baldy
  11. Little Miss Baldy
  12. Tufty
  13. Baybo (Eliot's)
  14. Pookie
  15. Pookie Wookie
  16. Pookie Wooka
And I'm sure there'll be plenty more to add in the future!

How and when did you decide on your baby name/s?
Do you have lots of nicknames for your little one/s?

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Thursday 5 October 2017

Meet Baby 2!

I've had good intentions to get this post written waaaay before now but I've been caught up in 4 weeks of newborn blur along with trying to get a four year old in reception into school on time! It's starting to get (slightly) easier but I'm really struggling with trying to keep on top of everything in the house etc.
Anyway I went in to St Thomas' hospital for an induction on 5th September, I will be writing a birth story so will leave all the details for that but after a long'ish' induction baby 2 made their appearance at 8:38am on 7th September.
We finally found out our 'team yellow' baby was a team pink, I couldn't believe I had a girl after believing it was a boy! She weighed in at between 7lb11oz & 7lb12oz... a lot smaller than I'd anticipated after having Eliot who weighed 9lb5oz when he was born, I really thought I would have a 10lb'er!
Wearing one of her big brother's sleepsuits
 I just love her to bits, it feels like she has been here forever and I can't believe she is already 4 weeks old!
Keep an eye out for her first update and birth story to follow soon!
Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate comments and read all of them!