Thursday 25 September 2014

Feeling Meh!

I haven't blogged for over a week, mainly because I haven't felt like it and I've been in a very 'meh' mood. So I thought I'd do a little update of what's been going on.
 Last week I did my first two days of supply teaching, which were much better than I'd ever imagined. The first school had written on the whiteboard in the staffroom 'Welcome to Lucinda Turner who is teaching in year two and three today' which was very unexpected! Staff can be unfriendly towards supply teachers (not necessarily because they mean to be but they have too much darn work to be getting on with). Not a bad start to my first day as a supply teacher at all. The following day I taught in another school covering nursery, reception and year one. I had a good day there too! 
On Friday we went to look at another house which we already knew we would be making an offer on. We also knew there would be competition as there were eleven other people viewing. The selling point for us had to be the garden, it was an amazing space for a little one to play in and had the potential to extend. We put our offer in on Monday (my birthday) as the estate agent who was dealing with the property wasn't in the office over the weekend. Later on we increased our offer as we knew there had been higher offers. Shortly after the OH called to tell me our offer had been refused, even though it was higher than the offer the vendor had accepted. According to the estate agent the vendor was concerned about accepting an offer from  buyers that were in a chain. To be fair we're not really in a chain, the person who is buying our flat is a friend and first time buyer, their mortgage has been accepted and we've been given a provisional exchange date. This was a total birthday bummer for me. We made a larger offer on Tuesday morning which was also rejected. It just completely contradicted what the estate agent had told us at that viewing, that the vendor 'wanted as much money as she could get'. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be and something better will come along (that's what I've been telling myself anyway).
Tuesday and Wednesday I did a couple more days of supply teaching which again went ok again much to my relief!
Tomorrow Eliot has his overdue immunisations which I'm not looking forward to as he is a lot more aware of everything since the last time he had injections. I've had about three offers for work tomorrow but turned them down after feeling guilty about not being there when Eliot has his jabs. Even though I need the money I knew I would just be feeling guilty about not being there for Eliot, as his mum I feel I need to be there.

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