About Us

Hello, thanks for popping by!

I'm Lucinda, a primary school teacher who became a mum to Eliot Jude on 26th June 2013 at 3.54pm.
We moved to Bedfordshire from London at the end of  2014 with our wo feline fur babies, Mimi and Coco.


This blog is a way to keep memories documented by sharing my experiences through my pregnancy and being a parent, I only wish I'd started when I was pregnant with Eliot!
You will find all sorts of baby, toddler and lifestyle posts. From days out to updates, from reviews to personal experiences.
 I hope that some of my posts relating to my pregnancy will be helpful to some expectant mums. I experienced a few scary moments and was particularly anxious throughout my first pregnancy.
At 6 weeks old Eliot under went an operation as we discovered he had Pyloric Stenosis. A treatable condition I'd never heard about, so I'm keen for expectant parents to know the symptoms!
Eliot has also experienced Febrile Convulsions which I knew very little about. Hopefully what I have written will make more people aware of what to expect.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate anyone taking the time to stop and take a moment to read my little space on the internet. I love reading your comments, so don't forget to leave one ;)
Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate comments and read all of them!