Tuesday 16 July 2019

Carter's Steam Fair

 At the weekend we enjoyed a family afternoon at Carter's Steam Fair when they visited town for a few days. Carter's is a unique fair with rides that the Carter family have collected and restored originating from the 1890's to the 1960's.
 It did feel like you'd taken a step back in time, from the rides to the music I really felt that there was a sense of going back in history!
On the carousel
One of my favourite things as a child was to go to the fair when one came into a local town. These days I'm not keen on the 'usual' fairs that appear during the holidays but Carter's is not your 'usual' fair and the atmosphere felt completely different!
Each and every ride is beautifully painted just as it may have been all those years ago when it made its' debut, keeping that sense of history and originality.
When we arrived at Carter's Eliot was so excited he couldn't decide which ride to go on first! There were plenty of rides for younger children to enjoy and that are suitable for toddlers. He was able to go on many alone but also gave some a try that he wanted to go on with a grown up! 
There are also a couple of rides that aim to please those that enjoy white knuckle rides including the 'Victory Dive Bomber' which is the only remaining travelling Dive Bomber!

See the Dive Bomber in action?!
As well as rides to enjoy Carter's also have plenty of fairground games to play including 'Hook A Duck' (the traditional fairground game), a coconut shy and even an arcade full of vintage slot machines!
Hooking one of those ducks!
 As well as 'Hook A Duck' Eliot had a go on the 'test your strength' traditional 'Striker' game. There were three sizes to cater for different ages and strengths, giving the opportunity for all to have a go!
Candy floss at eh coconut shy

Entry to Carter's Steam Fair is free, tokens are required to be purchased to go on the rides. These can be purchased online before you visit or at the machines or token booths at the fair. To get the best value it's a good idea to buy online as Carter's give extra ride passes! 
Each token is worth 50p and the number of tokens needed for each ride varies. Most of the toddler rides require four tokens, whilst family or thrill rides require five or six. You also need tokens to play the games too which cost five tokens.
We had such an enjoyable visit to Carter's and certainly recommend a visit for a family afternoon/ evening out. To check if Carters are coming to a town near you have a look at their online tour dates.
They are back at a local town in September and we already have it booked in on the calendar!

*We received ride passes & refreshment vouchers in exchange for our honest views. All opinions are my own!


  1. What a fantastic fair. It has an old fashioned look to it which is wonderful. It sounds like you had a fab time out. x


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