Tuesday 17 February 2015

Move Update

Sneaky peek of our new kitchen
If you read my blog regularly you will know we recently moved home. In fact it was back in December and we’re still not in! In my last post about our move I described what a personal nightmare it had been. It has been a really difficult time which has really taught us a lesson when looking at properties in the future. I never, ever want to experience it again. 

There were LOTS of jobs that needed doing which we had completely missed when we viewed the house. However the big jobs are almost complete so fingers crossed we can be in by the end of next week! Once the carpet is fitted on the stairs, landing and in Eliot’s room we should be good to go. We still have plenty of smaller jobs to finish off, such as fully unpacking, painting furniture, kitchen lighting and those little finishing touches that can make a big difference.

The main light in the kitchen is one of the big smaller jobs. The ceiling currently sports a rather ugly plastic covered long strip light. No offence intended if you have one but they really remind me of schools and having spent a lot a time working in schools over the years, I really don’t want one in my home!
I loved the kitchen back in our London flat, the lighting was much more to my liking in the form of spotlights.
We have already bought a simple silver light fitting for the kitchen which requires GU10 bulbs. A bulb I’d never heard of or used!

 One of the reasons we moved out of London was to get more for our money and have lower outgoings. It’s no secret that making small changes around the home wherever you live can reduce your bills. So whilst browsing for GU10 bulbs I came across halogen and LED. The LED bulbs come with a higher price tag but after some online research I discovered, there is a HUGE difference in how much halogen bulbs cost in the long run.

5W Kosnic Powerspot - Dimmable - Warm, Cool and Daylight - Standard and Wide Beam Angle Options
A Kosnic LED priced at £4.70 available on LED Planet
As an example, the average cost of five halogen bulbs is £9.95 with the same amount of LED’s costing £24.96. On the other hand when it comes to your electricity bill, an average years energy using halogen bulbs could cost £95. Whereas average annual usage using LED could cost a mere £4.77, a whopping difference! I also found out LED lighting lasts several thousand hours longer so replacements won’t be needed for years! I think it’s a no brainer about what bulbs we’ll be buying for our new light fitting and for the rest of the house! LED Planet have a vast range of bulbs which can easily be selected by choosing a brand, room or base. The range has plenty of options to ensure you can pick the perfect lighting for each room in your home. This infographic gives a bit more perspective in to the benefits of LED lighting.
Have you switched to LED lighting yet?

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