Wednesday 4 March 2015

Bluestone Diaries #2 Tenby

Crazy 'mum mum' and son photo
Today the plan was to get up early and check out the Blue Lagoon swimming pool but we all woke up late, Eliot being the last at just before 10am! So we gave it a miss as we planned to take a trip to Tenby today and we're spending the day at the resort tomorrow so will be taking a splash then. Before we left for Tenby I asked Eliot for a picture with Mummy and the above was the result! He leant on my face squashing it on one side lol!
The journey to Tenby was less than half an hour. When we arrived we parked in the car park next to the top of the south beach which only cost £2 for four hours of parking. The view from the top was pretty amazing, the blue skies and sunny day made it completely perfect.
Once we were down on the beach Eliot made tracks towards the sea only stopping to pick up shells or pebbles and attempt to eat them! I think he was put off after a couple of mouthfuls of sand, thank goodness. 

 If Eliot had it his way I have no doubts he would've thrown himself in the water for a total splash around but he had to make do with stamping in the tide when it came in

We bought a packed lunch with us but went back up to the car to eat. Eliot won't sit still unless he's strapped in, it was windy and we'd left his buggy in the car.
After lunch the OH went back down to the beach whilst Eliot opted for the play area which is situated on the way down to the beach. He must have spent fifteen minutes plus walking round and round on the climbing frame before deciding to go down the slide. When Daddy met us we walked in to the historic town centre for a mosey, strolling down the lanes to the harbour.
Before we left for Bluestone we had dinner in a 'chippy', you've gotta have fish and chips at the seaside after all!

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