Monday 14 September 2015

A story By Dummy..

You were around two weeks old when I first gave you a dummy, from the start you were pretty keen and your journey with dummies began....
They were a huge comfort and helped you get through your short stay in hospital when you were admitted for pyloric stenosis at six weeks old.
They of course were one of the things that helped you drift off to sleep and calm you down when you were tired or cranky...
Keeping you happy when out to lunch!

Keeping you calm after dinner at Bluestone
Yep, for almost two years, dummies were a very good friend of yours (and mummy & daddy!)

You made them look cool in your own kinda way!

They helped your patience when mummy made you do a blogging related craft activity!

And kept you company whilst walking on our first family holiday

Even the dummy was chosen over chocolate on  your first Easter!

 And again this year, your dummy helped comfort you when you spent the night in hospital after a febrile convulsion.
For almost two years, dummies were a big part of your life but one day mummy decided it was time for the dummies to go. I knew you would be ok without your dummy, the time was just right. I was aware there might have been difficult times and times I would be tempted to give you a dummy but you were a star!
Its been three months since you had a dummy, you really are a grown up boy!
If anyone one would like to hear how and why I got rid of Eliot's dummy be sure to check out my video :)

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