Sunday 29 July 2018

The Third Trimester-Second Baby

35+4 weeks
A year on from me being in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and I'm finally writing about it...better late than never!

Morning Sickness
I did have a lot of moments when I was nauseous, one in particular was when we'd made a roast chicken in the bag for a Sunday lunch. When it was cooked and I opened the bag I couldn't bear the smell, it made e retch and safe to say I didn't eat any!

Still no cravings as such but still avoided 'proper meals' on many occasions and would choose cereal and toast!


I always felt that when pregnant with Eliot that his movements were never really in a 'pattern' and felt the same with this pregnancy. I also thought the movements this time round were different, certainly bigger like rolls and more uncomfortable at times.
At 29+6 I called the midwife after work to say I was concerned I hadn't felt much movement so she sent me to the antenatal assessment unit at the hospital. Of course baby decided to become active and was moving whilst I was monitored. It happened to be the end of the heatwave in June and I'd had a sore throat so thought me being under the weather could have affected things.
I found myself back in the AAU a few times, I suppose the most worrying being when I fell arse over tit whilst rushing to a midwife appointment. I had to spend a bit of time being monitored and waiting for Anti D as I'd knocked my bump.

First monitoring
Midwives & Doctors 
I had the routine anti d injection due to my blood being rhesus negative. It wasn't the midwife I usually saw and I was asked if I would prefer the injection in my arm or the top of my backside! Having had previous anti d injections in my arm I went for the backside option. I was pre warned it would feel cold which it did.
 I saw a different midwife in my preferred hospital and also went through the process from the beginning, having to have my bloods taken again which I was not happy about! She also booked me to see a Dr as Eliot had weighed 9lb5oz when born and she happened to mention a 'bigger baby' could get its' 'shoulders stuck' which freaked me out and stuck in my mind. 
Most of the last few appointments with my usual midwife were normal, urine samples were ok apart from one time when my blood pressure was also raised so I was sent to AAU for monitoring but when they checked my urine and blood pressure everything was normal so I'm not sure what happened!
I saw the doctor at 39+6 after having a scan a week or two earlier to check babies size. At that point baby was estimated to weigh 7lb6oz. Due to my concern of baby being 'larger' than Eliot was, I was given a sweep which was not pleasant nor did it get baby moving! Then I was booked in for an induction four days later!


After having a 4D scan with Eliot I didn't think Id have one the second time round but gave in to temptation! I also wanted Eliot to see the baby to hopefully make it more real for him but as it turned out he was 'bored' after the first couple of minutes! The 4D experience is well worth it as you can find deals on packages. We came away with a DVD, images, a magnet and keyrings.
I also had a scan around 37 weeks to check babies size as mentioned above.

I don't think I mentioned in previous pregnancy updates that I had some patches of skin discolouration, one was above my eyebrow. 
I had hideously swollen legs and feet, I think that had to be the worst pregnancy symptom, they were uncomfortable!
One big memory I have from the third trimester was that week long heatwave (nothing compared to this summer!) I didn't have a fan and almost had a breakdown in one of the aisles in Sainsbury's when they told me they didn't have any. I attempted to sleep with an ice pack but still had an uncomfortable few nights of sleep!

How was your final trimester?
Keep an eye out for Nola's birth story coming soon!

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