Nola's Journey

At the end of November 2017, just before our darling daughter Nola turned three months old, she began having  what went know were seizures. After a trip to A&E, the GP and an urgent referral being made, she was admitted to hospital on 3rd December 2017. Investigations began and after several various tests, Doctors were almost certain she has a rare genetic condition. We were finally given confirmation of that suspected genetic condition in May 2018 when genetic blood tests confirmed t. 
I will be writing posts to share Nola's journey, to document where we came from, where we are and possibly where we're going to. I am doing this to document her journey for us and her but also in the hope it may be helpful in some way for parents that experience something similar. It is incredibly hard to hear your child has something that is life changing.
There have been some dark times, I'm sure there will be more but in between the storms, the sun will shine.

If you're interested in keeping up with Nola's journey you can also follow the hashtag #NolasJourney on Instagram.

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