Saturday 5 December 2015

Our Plans For Christmas 2015

On 19th December 2014 we moved from London to Bedfordshire, to say things didn't go to plan would be a huge understatement. You can read about our move here if you fancy it. Things have been up and down the entire year for many different reasons so we both feel it's really important that this Christmas is a good one.
Initially we thought it would be nice to spend it as just the three of us. Quiet, not stressing about cooking for more people etc but then we had a change of heart, after all Christmas is about spending time with your nearest and dearest. Eliot loves being around people, especially his grandparents so it makes sense that we spend it with them too! So we've invited my parents and the other halves mum to spend Christmas at ours. I must admit I'm not completely looking forward to all the cooking, the last time I cooked Christmas dinner was in 2010 and I found it quite stressful. Fingers crossed I don't ruin the turkey and I can get all the food out on time! That I aside I am looking forward to it, I'm feeling a lot more 'Christmassy' since our tree went up today (a lot later than I planned!)
We also have a few other bits planned over the festive period. I want to take Eliot to see Father Christmas at a local garden centre, all the weekend slots are booked so I just need to decide when's the best day/time to go.
Next weekend we're going ice skating, a first for Eliot so I'm not quite sure how it will pan out but I'm hoping I'll get him on the ice at least! I predict it will be an issue to get the skates on him as he has chunky feet and I'm pretty certain he'll put up a fight.
Another first for Eliot will be a theatre trip, we're going to see The Gruffalo on stage. Even though I've seen it twice before (teacher perks ;p) I'm excited but also a little apprehensive  as Eliot isn't exactly a toddler who sits still! I'm hoping we'll make it through the performance but if not we'll have to make a quiet escape!
Those are some definite things that we'll be doing, I do want to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, we've visited the past couple of years so it will be nice to take Eliot back now he's that bit older.
I'm hoping we can fit some other family activities in too!
What are your plans for this Christmas? 

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