Sunday 23 July 2017

#AsdaLittleAngels Event At The Dorchester #AD

I'm finally getting round to writing this after finishing work for the summer hols! End of term has been a bit manic having to tie up loose ends as I'll be on maternity leave from September, so that is why the blog has been neglected!
A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to receive an invite to attend an Asda Little Angel's nappy event with Myriad PR, along with other pregnant bloggers/vloggers at the gorgeous Dorchester hotel in London.
After watching a vlog of the event last year I knew I was going to be in for a relaxing treat!
I met up with Gemma from GemandThem who I've known since I pretty much started blogging but hadn't seen for ages so it was nice to catch up. We then met up with Alice from Annie Writes Beauty before heading up Park Lane to The Dorchester.
On arrival we were greeted by the most fabulous flower display that was dedicated to Wimbledon before being shown downstairs to the spa.

 We met the lovely PR ladies, Vanessa and Lauren before getting comfy with a wonderful fruity 'mocktail' for the Little Angels presentation from Nicole and Claire.
One of the first things said that struck me was that parents change roughly 4500 nappies...4500?!!! I'm not sure why it surprised me when I had a 'very reluctant to potty train boy', I must have changed way more than that! I guess it's just something I hadn't thought too much about or tried to calculate, but that's an awful lot of £££'s!
Something else that was said that also got me thinking was that in their research they found that first time parents had a different mindset when it came to purchasing nappies. This was certainly true for me, in my head I was convinced that only the 'branded nappies' would work well and bulk bought them when pregnant with Eliot. It wasn't until Eliot was a couple of months old that I started giving own brand nappies a try. Little Angels fast became my favourite for two main reasons, the first being they performed well and Eliot never had any issues with his skin using Little Angels nappies. The second being they were always on offer, three packs for £10 which was great value for money.
Before I'd even attended the event I can honestly say I was already planning to stock up on Asda Little Angels newborn nappies. You can buy a pack of 70 size 1 nappies for £3 which is a no brainer for me. I was even more impressed with the newborn nappies after feeling how soft they were during the presentation and learnt they also had a wetness indicator and an elastic part at the back to help contain those dreaded poo explosions. There's also a cut out part at the front to prevent any umbilical cord irritation and a size up guide to help parents gage when their baby is ready for the next size nappy.
Something else that impressed me which I was unaware of, is that Asda have a policy where if you  have unopened packs of nappies because your baby has outgrown them, they will swap them over for a larger size. Which again is something that contributes towards keeping the costs down.
Once the presentation was over there was an opportunity for Q&A's before the first group of ladies went for their spa treatment.
For me it was time to tuck into the delicious afternoon tea, of finger sandwiches, cakes, scones and Wimbledon themed strawberries and cream whilst chatting with and getting to know some other lovely bloggers.

I also got to enjoy tea that is made solely for The Dorchester Hotel as well as a flower infused tea which was a palette cleanser.
I then changed into my robe and 'chilled' in the relaxation room before my pregnancy massage, which I must admit I was eagerly waiting for!
Me & bump

Very excited for some pampering!
Then after a long 'chillaxing' session it was time for my massage which was just amazing, who knew you could feel that comfortable and relaxed in your third trimester!
It really was a lovely afternoon, I left feeling great with an amazing Little Angels goody bag along with a treat from The Dorchester Hotel.
 Thanks again to the lovely Myriad PR team, you know how to spoil us pregnant ones!

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