Saturday 4 January 2014

Festive Round Up!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas (seems like ages ago?) and New Year! I thought I would do a bit of a festive round up after reading lots of other Christmas & new year posts. I've been caught up in the festivities and in turn neglected my blog, so need to get back on track! Here's what we got up to...

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I made a ham for the following day at the OH's mums. I followed the The London Mum's recipe which was simple to make and very tasty!
I was also inspired by Rhiannon over at The Life and Times of Mummy Morkus to make some salt dough decorations with Eliot and his hand prints. Lets just say mine did not turn out as well as Rhiannon's! You will have to click on the link to see how they turned out! In the photo above I had made the dough and was adding red and green glitter for some festive decoration. It was hard trying to get Eliot's hand print. He kept picking up the dough and squeezing it so there were a few attempts! I used a cocktail stick that was also a 'H' candle from 'Happy Birthday' set to scribe 'Eliot 2013' on one of the decorations. Unfortunately I also left it on the baking tray when baking the decorations...oops! The wax melted onto a couple of the handprints which stopped them from drying out completely. So I haven't got round to the final process as I'm not sure they will last. This is such a lovely idea and the salt dough decorations make a lovely gift or keepsake.

Christmas Day

1. Family cuddles in bed on Christmas morning.
2. Eliot opening his '1st Christmas card from us.
3. Having a go at opening some of his presents.
4. Waving some wrapping paper around as that was clearly much more fun!

5. Getting in the festive spirit by being dressed in Christmas outfits.
6. First Christmas plate & cup set from my parents.
7.  First Christmas socks to wear.
8. The turkey & trimmings at the OH's mums.

Christmas was special this year as it was Eliot's first Christmas. We spent the morning at home 
opening presents and getting ourselves sorted. We had our Christmas dinner over at the OH's mums, opened more presents and chilled before heading home.

Of course Eliot had no idea what was going on but I wanted it to be special for him and us as a family.
Boxing Day

Eliot was 6 months on Boxing Day, a whole half a year old! I can't believe how fast the time goes by! We just chilled at home and headed to a local supermarket for some bits before having a toast back at home to Eliot's Half a year birthday!

We also had a second Christmas with the amount of presents my parents & sister bought on the 28th.

                                                                    New Years Eve

My parents looked after Eliot for us while we had a night out with some friends. It was great to have a night out as a 'couple' and see in the new year.

                                                              Best wishes for 2014!

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