Sunday 11 May 2014

The Ordinary Moments #11 Explosions Of The Nappy Kind!

All parents have no doubt encountered many a nappy explosion, they are a perfectly normal ordinary moment. They are just one reminder how life is different as a parent.
Just a few weeks old...

Back in the early days Eliot would have fairly regular nappy explosions and of course they weren't always at home, no, no, no!
 Eliot wasn't mortified when one of his 'explosions' leaked onto the floor in Tescos last summer, nor was he embarrassed when his poop escaped on a train journey and ended up all over me. Nope, the boy was and still remains un-phased about these incidents ;)

These two incidents are particularly crystal clear, like they happened last week. But they didn't, Eliot was a few weeks old. Now he is just over a month away from his first birthday. This is just a stark reminder of how quick time flies and how the ordinary moments can be so precious.

 Now I'm not saying Eliot's nappy explosions are precious, but how small he was is. How much he's grown and changed since then, is. In just over a months time he will turn one. I still can't comprehend how quickly the time has flown.
That's why the ordinary moments are special!
Taken these week on his first Thomas ride.

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