Wednesday 3 December 2014

Eliot's 17 Month Update

Dressing up on Halloween
Mummy is a week late on getting this post published due to being busy and unwell!
Well, what can I say about you this month?! Walking is not an option for you, you must run everywhere and that means frequent falling over and bumps. Although you seem to be used to it now and only cry if it's a bad fall/bump.
You have two words which seem to be an obsession 'ire' (fire) and tractor. Grandad pointed out the flame on his gas cooker and you picked fire up from there. You hate fireworks, interestingly it seems to be the way they look and not the loud bangs. You call them fire and you would get really upset if we tried to put you in your highchair (next to the kitchen window) as this is where you first saw those fireworks. Every vehicle seems to be a tractor. When a lorry drives past you yell tractor and you will point actual tractors out on clothing and other items.
You are still happy sitting and flicking through books and you are very keen on the Argos and Asda Gift catalogues, safe to say they're missing a few pages!
One thing that has really improved this month is that you're much more chilled out when it's time to change your nappy. This is a BIG relief as it was an extremely difficult task.
We are getting ready to move home which is exciting but also stressful and busy as there is so much to do!

You've been a real pickle with eating this month and have refused lots of foods. Mummy has learnt a bit of a naughty trick though, if I put Peppa Pig on to distract you I can usually get a few mouthfuls in!

Messy Play with cornflour
We haven't had you weighed but  you have definitely put on weight!
You are wearing mostly 18-24 month sized clothes. Some shops sizes seem to come up smaller so you require size 2-3 which seems crazy! I took you to get your feet measured again and they have grown although one appears to be a six and the other a six and a half. Mummy was advised to take you back in a couple of weeks as your current shoes still have a bit of room in them.
Sometimes you've missed a nap in the day, usually because we've been out and not at home for you to sleep in your cot. You get very cranky when you haven't napped so it's much better when you do! In your cot you can sleep for two hours or longer.
As usual there has been the odd  night when you have woken up unsettled but you usually go back to sleep ok.
Love this picture with your big cousin Ella
Your Likes/Dislikes
Your like and dislikes are pretty much the same as last month but here are a few new ones...
  • You like flicking through catalogues
  • You like saying (shouting) 'ire'
  • You HATE fireworks, they upset you, a  lot!

    Your next update will be due Boxing day after celebrating Christmas, where has the year gone?!

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