Saturday 24 January 2015

Technical Issues...Grrrrr!!!

Ah technology, it's a wonder isn't it?! Well, when it's easily accessible or doesn't let you down. We moved house in December (as you may already know) but Eliot and I are still living with my parents due to the house STILL not being ready to move in to :(
My parents don't have the internet so I can't use my laptop here, we do have internet at the new house but when I am there I am painting/DIY'ing and then I need to get back to my parents for Eliot, so I just don't get the chance to blog!
I have been relying on good old 3G on my iPhone but this is where technology has failed me. All of a sudden it decided it wouldn't open Youtube videos, connection slowed down majorly and some of my apps have been 'waiting' for the past week or longer, meaning I can't access them. Google+ is one of them. Sometimes I use G+ to add photos to blogposts from my phone which I obviously can't do at moment. So this is partly why my blog posts are somewhat lacking but I'm also not a fan of using my iPhone for blogging as the screen is small and sometimes it's a pain to do tags amongst other things as the screen jumps back and forth. I have an appointment with a 'genius' at Apple on Monday so I hope they can rectify the problem!
Anyhoo, as well as explaining my technology dilemma, this is a post to say I'm still here and hopefully at some point in February I will be able to blog properly on my laptop! Fingers crossed!!!

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