Thursday 19 March 2015

Who Doesn't Love The gro company?! A Review

If you asked me to name my top three baby/toddler brands, the gro company would undoubtedly be one of them. It was through blogging that my love for the brand began to grow. After reading a review of the gro egg on another blog I went out and bought one. We’d been using one of the cardboard ones and I just wasn’t confident with the readings it was giving. The gro egg was so simple to use and you could immediately tell if the room was too hot/cold by just looking at the colour on the display. We also own a gro anywhere blind which is amazing for keeping rooms dark. It fits easily onto the window with suction caps, we actually used it as Eliot's main curtain in our old flat as I couldn't find curtains long enough that I liked!
I’d  first been given a gro bag by colleague whilst pregnant and noticed a positive difference when Eliot started sleeping in it.
I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been dying to work with the gro company for a loonng time, so when the opportunity came along I was delighted.
We received a 2.5 tog unisex sleeping bag with a front fastening zip which we've been using for some time now. I really like the chevron pattern and different colours, particularly for older babies/toddlers. 
This sleeping bag fits a five point harness which I think is fab for when you’re out and about around nap times or on long journeys, more so for younger babies.  There is a velcro fastening to fit a five point harness through, which can be closed when using in a cot.
Having not tried out a front fastening sleeping bag I was intrigued to see how I would find using it with Eliot.
To begin with I found the zip a bit tricky to join together, mainly because my fine motor skills aren’t great but I did find the zip eased up the more we used the gro bag. Now I find doing it up much easier.
It’s been washed many times but continues to be in great condition. I would say it’s shrunk slightly after being in the tumble dryer but there is a warning that shrinkage can occur in the instructions and online FAQ's
I wasn’t sure how I'd find using a gro bag with a front fastening zip compared to the side fastening zip. Overall I think I prefer the side fastening sleeping bags. However, both have their own pros and cons.
Eliot was poorly a few weeks ago and woke up during the night. I took him downstairs and he fell back to sleep on me. He felt quite hot, without disturbing him I undid the shoulder poppers and zip on the side fastening sleeping bag to remove the back of it. So simple! If he’d been wearing the front fastening bag I'm pretty certain I would’ve disturbed him when trying to take his arms out.
 Of course a pro for this one is that it can be used with a five point harness! Also Eliot has never managed to get out of this but has wriggled his way out of the side fastening one on several occasions!
Mr Eliot sleeping comfortably in his gro bag
If you’re considering using sleeping bags for your baby I can’t recommend the gro company highly enough! The  high quality materials are always made from 100% cotton, they're award winning and meet the relevant British safety standards. So what's not to like?!
Have you used any of the gro company products?
*Discliamer-I received a gro bag in return for a review, as always all thoughts are my own 

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