Monday 1 June 2015

The Diet Diaries #3 Weigh In & Confessions

You may or may not have already read that I am on a weight loss mission! I was sent a seven day supply of meal replacement products from The NewYou Plan (review coming soon!) which ended on Friday.
 Last Saturday I made the BIG mistake of not weighing myself to see what my exact starting weight was. I didn't check how much I weighed until Monday and on Friday I weighed myself again. I was   disappointed at my loss of 4lbs, I know a loss is a loss right? But after eating powdered products and meal replacement bars for  seven days I was hoping I'd shifted more pounds! I'm assuming that it could have been a higher loss as I didn't weigh myself on the day I started, however I won't know for sure.
When I started, I said to myself I would see how I found it and would continue on The New You Plan depending on how I found it. After weighing myself I was determined to stick at it and priced up their bundles on the website. I knew they offered next day delivery so on Friday I selected my products with a 7 week bundle and placed my order.
 Unfortunately next day delivery doesn't apply to Saturdays, so what have I been doing over the past two days? Here's the confessions...
On Saturday I had a shake that  was left over from a previous plan for breakfast. I met a friend for a walk and we had lunch. I opted for tuna salad, certainly not the worst thing I could've selected from the menu! In the evening I had a couple of mini naan breads.
Sunday morning I ate some mango for breakfast and actually went out for lunch. I ate grilled salmon, jacket potato and veg. I figured I will be on the plan for the next 7 weeks (at least) so didn't want to starve myself whilst I waited for my New You delivery to arrive! I was naughty last night and finished off a handful of peanut M&Ms from a pack I'd bought before the weight loss mission, 'tut tut'!
I'm really determined to lose weight and I'm looking forward to getting back on The New You Plan when it arrives tomorrow!

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