Monday 25 May 2015

The Diet Diaries #2 A Day On The New You Plan

Yesterday was day two on The New You Plan, I won't lie it was bloody hard!!! I popped over to my parents, my mum had cooked up a Sunday roast which looked and smelt amazing! Especially the roast potatoes! I could have very easily said "sod it" I'll have some but I didn't. I sat down with everyone and ate my bowl of vegetable chilli. It was actually really nice, spicy and tasty. I'm so glad I didn't give in.
I thought I'd share what I ate today and how I've been feeling in regards to hunger. For a total food replacement programme, there really is a great range to choose from!
For breakfast I had the apple and cinnamon porridge, I much preferred it to the original oatmeal porridge. You can taste the cinnamon and it has little bits of apple. I will definitely purchase these if I continue on the New You Plan.

I ate lunch about 1pm and was feeling hungry at this point. I decided to have one of the meals and went for pasta carbonara. I do love my carbs so I was happy that there were real pasta pieces. I really enjoyed this,'it's probably my favourite meal so far. I loved that I was actually eating pasta (albeit a very small portion) and again I would buy this.

We went shopping with my mum this afternoon, around half four I began to feel hungry, as I was busy browsing I ignored it but soon felt starving and a little light headed. 
So I sat down and enjoyed the dark chocolate truffa bar and I mean REALLY enjoyed it! Things always taste so much better when you're hungry! In my books you can't beat a chocolate based 'meal' so these are going down pretty well!

As there was a shorter time period between the last two meals I didn't feel hungry. For the final meal I had a mushroom soup with freshly ground black pepper. I drank it out of a mug this eve instead of putting it in a bowl. It's a watery soup so I preferred drinking it of a mug.

Whilst we were out I weighed myself in Boots and as I expected I'm the heaviest I've ever been. It's pretty depressing but seeing how much I weighed has made me more determined. I'm pretty disgusted at my current weight, if I don't do something about it I will only get heavier.

If you fancy watching, here's a vlog of my first day on The New You Plan

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