Monday 31 August 2015

Eliot's 2 Year Update


This update is way overdue Mr Eliot as you turned two, two months ago!Sooo much has changed since the last update...

You started pre-school back in April which you seem to enjoy. Apparently when daddy drops you off sometimes you don't want to leave him but once he's gone play happily. We had your first parents evening back in July! Tracey, your key worker said you're doing really well, you love messy play and cars (we knew about the cars!) She said your language was great for your age and that you play nicely alongside others. You're not quite at the stage of playing with the other children yet but you do love playing with your cousin Ella.
You love playing with Ella!
Your language has come on leaps and bounds, you have so many words in your vocabulary and pick up new words all the time! We have to be very careful what we say as you repeat things!!! You can put simple sentences together, everyone comments on how good your language is.
We had your two year health check the other day and the health visitor was happy with where you're at. You are 93.3cm tall now and the health visitor said you would be about 6ft when you stop growing. A tall boy! She said your slightly heavy for your height but I think you are going to be a boy who has a rugby player build!
We spoke about potty training which I don't think you're quite ready for yet. You've had a go at sitting on the potty but not used it, you did put your toys in there though!
I spoke to the health visitor about you walking on your tip toes, with and without your shoes on. She has referred you to see a podiatrist so we are waiting for the appointment.
Overall you are still such a happy little chap, you can be demanding and difficult at times which can be difficult but you are clearly a determined little boy. Terrible twos are in action for sure!
We are very proud of you, especially with your development you can count to ten, you understand what two objects are and will count them. You talk so well and have started to say please and thank you without being reminded.
 Play wise you are still obsessed with vehicles and play with your cars, lorries, buses and trains all the time. You also get very excited about trains and buses when we are out too.
We took you to a trial session at Little Kickers football last weekend, you enjoyed it but pretty much wanted to do your own thing! I think we are going to enrol you though so you have a hobby!
A rather big thing is that we took your dummy away before you turned two, you quickly forgot about it and didn't ask for one after a day or two of not having one.

Apparently at pre-school you eat really well, often asking (demanding) for more. At home you can be slightly fussy at times although there are some foods like cucumber and strawberries that you will eat now when you wouldn't before.
Your favourite food has to be pasta, you always ask for pasta! You're also quite partial to a Happy Meal but obviously we limit those! If we drive past a McDonalds though, you do request to go in.
With Nana J
If we're out for the day or you're at pre school, you won't have a nap but that does lead to you being tired and cranky. If we're just at home I put you down for a sleep and you usually nap for about two hours.
At night you have been waking up crying sometimes. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it may be down to back teeth coming through and definitely down to bad dreams. At Nana's you said there was horse in 'mummy's bed' so I think you had a nightmare. You still talk about the 'horsey' now!
Sometimes when you are unsettled during the night I've brought you into bed with us. You fidget and wriggle around a LOT!
At your two year check up with the health visitor you weighed 16.8kg.
You have grown a lot and mostly wear clothes aged 2-3 years but also fit into 3-4 years! It's crazy how sizing differs in different shops!
Puddle Splashing
  •  Puddles
  •  Vehicles
  • You love playing with your big cousin Ella
  •   The cats, although you have been testing the boundaries with Mimi and stroking her too roughly
  • Peppa Pig
  • Hand dryers but they don't seem to bother you as much as they did
  •  Smoke alarms
  •  Horses. You cried your eyes out when a horse trotted over to us.
  • The Dyson
  • Wasps

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