Saturday 21 November 2015

Toddler Clothes & Shoe Wishlist

I think I've said it before, but these days I much prefer shopping for clothes for Eliot than myself. Long gone the days I would get a little too excited about a trip to Topshop on Oxford street, these days it's all about the toddler clothing department!
Mr Eliot's wardrobe is probably (definitely) full enough for autumn/winter this year, naturally that doesn't stop me browsing online and in the shops, looking for bits to add to Eliot's wardrobe. To be fair he does need some new footwear for the winter, I just need to get him measured first!
So here are a few bits that have caught my eye and that I will hopefully adding to Eliot's collection!
  1. These super cute soft leather Chelsea boots are by Chipmunks from Brantano. I think they'd look great with lots of pieces from Eliot's wardrobe, just what he needs for winter.
  2. I just love these fire engine pyjamas from Gap, the white & blue stripes  with the red really caught my eye. As Eliot loves vehicles they'd be perfect for him!
  3. You may already know I have a thing for Zara Baby leggings and was super happy when they extended their sizing up to 3-4 years. I'm a fan a grey and I'd be able to talk about the numbers on them with Eliot, he's starting to pick up a lot of things and remember them now. Who wouldn't want a piece of clothing that is also a learning resource?!
  4. The jeans are from next, I adore the tartan turn ups at the bottom and think the elasticated waistbands are much more comfortable for tots. 
  5. My dad calls Eliot his 'champ' so I think this sweater will be a definite buy, I love the green and it's a colour that really seems to suit Eliot.
  6. I love the stripes of multi-colour on these Adidas trainers also from Brantano. The fact that they have a Velcro fastening is also a massive plus point, if you've experienced a toddler you'll understand why!
So there we have it, just a few of the bits I've got my eye on for Eliot. What toddler clothing and footwear is on your wishlist?

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