Monday 4 April 2016

A New Bathroom...

Goodbye ugly bathroom
Today work begins on a new bathroom in our home. Something we have wanted to do for a very long time. I'm hoping things will go smoothly and there will be no glitches with all the work that needs to be done!
When we moved in we had the flooring pulled up and had new tiles put down, I actually don't really like them now but seeing as they're still pretty new there's no point in forking out even more money for new flooring. So apart from the floor everything is coming out, the old being replaced with the new.
The new bathroom was delivered almost two weeks ago so has been waiting rather patiently to be installed. We bought everything apart from the tiles from Victorian Plumbing.
We are having the ever so popular 'brick' tiles to replace the current ones and actually tiling out all areas apart from one wall.
I am most looking forward to the new bath with modern taps and a shower screen rather than a curtain. I have not had a bath in this house (not because I'm dirty, I've been having showers!) since moving in so I am REALLY looking forward to a bath and have bought some goodies from Lush to enjoy once the bathroom is complete. I hate the colour of the current panel on the bath, it's just...nasty! I had been meaning to paint it white ever since we moved in but just never got round to it.

We are having a toilet and sink unit fitted as I think they look stylish and tidy and we are replacing the radiator with a more modern heated towel rail. That bathroom cabinet has already gone and I think it will just be replaced by a mirror as we will have the cupboard under the sink.
On Friday we had a new light fitted which looks much more modern than the previous one.
 I have bought new towels and accessories for the bathroom and I'm super excited to start using them once the work is complete. Keep an eye out for a reveal post!

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