Thursday 7 April 2016

Daily Mail Shoot Photos

Photo Credit Juliette Neel
If  you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may remember back in February I posted a photo of a lot of make up as I was having my hair and make up done for a newspaper article. We were also sent clothing to wear for the shoot which I wasn't overly happy about as both dresses sent for me did not suit my shape at all and made me look like a pretentious 1950's housewife! I couldn't wear my own dress as the only one I had that would have worked was black and you couldn't wear black! 
I was very happy with my hair and make up though that was one thing that turned out well!
When we were told what day the article was appearing I was dreading seeing how I looked in the photos as how I was dressed simply wasn't me. However when I looked at the article online there were photos of another family but none of us. We were referred to in the article but none of our photos were included.
At first I was slightly offended, what was wrong with us?
Then as I read the comments underneath the article I was quite relieved our faces weren't plastered all over a page of The Daily Mail.
The comments were mainly negative, some personal but the ones I did read (I stopped after a while) were about the family that had been pictured. Their article had gone in to much more detail about the in's and out's of their relationship. I was very relieved neither of us had shared that much information!
We were keen to see the photos though, so contacted the journalist and asked if we'd be able to view them. The photographer kindly emailed a folder containing all of the photos.
 I was even more relieved that my photos hadn't been used. I really disliked how I looked in all of my individual photos and some of the family shots, the outfit didn't do me any favours at all!
But I thought I'd share some of them here on my blog, . Excuse Eliot's hair, it's truly crazy in these!

 All photos taken by Juliette Neel

If you're interested in reading the article, the link is here.
Let me know what you think if you do have a read :)

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