Friday 13 December 2013

Winter Wonderland attempt 2!

Not looking impressed in his festive gear & waiting patiently

So we had a Winter Wonderland fail the other week, which you can read about here. On Saturday attempt two was made and was successful, yay! Even though the huge queue still dominated the entrance we waited patiently. Luckily the wait wasn't too long and we began our journey through the abundance of stalls. The festive atmosphere is just wonderful, even if it was tricky trying to navigate a pushchair through an endless stream of people! 
Lines of stalls on either side offer everything from food, to booze to goods. Beyond here we took a right turn past the ice rink towards the array of games stalls and rides.

Rides & stalls galore!
The games on the stalls were near impossible to win but all good fun! The selection of rides caters for everyone from tots to white knuckle thrill seekers. There were a fair few rides I was keen to have a go on but didn't want to go on by myself, hopefully the OH and I will take a trip back by ourselves!
There was a substantial range of food on offer, I fancied something sweet so opted for a crepe with Nutella.

Food & festive fun

There is so much to get round and see you don't even need to buy an extra for the other attractions ( ice rink, ice kingdom, Santas Grotto, Circus, observation wheel) unless of course they are one of the things you are going to Winter Wonderland for! I quite fancy the ice kingdom and circus so if we go back as a couple we might do them.

Meeting Santa & having a rest!

Cheeky chappy
 All in all we had a lovely day out, even though I was FREEZING cold! Make sure you wrap up warm with lots of layers and hat, scarf, gloves etc! I've lived in London since 2009 and can't believethis is the first time I made it to Winter Wonderland. I definitely recommend!

Have you been to Winter Wonderland? What festive things are you up to?

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