Monday 30 December 2013

Turtlemeter Review

We were kindly sent a 'TurtleMeter' thermometer and bath toy by Ozeri to review. This opportunity came just at the right time as I was looking into getting a new bath thermometer! Eliot has mild eczema so has been prescribed Oilatum to put in his bath, this turns the water a murky milky colour. The bath thermometer we used previously would be submerged under the water which meant I couldn't see the temperature or keep an eye on it whilst Eliot had his bath. I was always worrying whether it had got too cold. Of course I always check the temperature myself before putting Eliot in the water but I do like a thermometer for extra reassurance.  
With the Turtlemeter I didn't have this worry! As you can see the temperature display is not submerged under the water and is very easy to watch especially with the light that indicates the temperature. Just what I was looking for!

Blue = Too cold (Less than 95F)

Green = Just right (Between 95F & 102.2F)

Red = Too hot (over 102.2F)

 Here are the Turtlemeter's Features...
                                                        * Instantly activates in water
* Fun & safe waterproof bath toy
* Floats naturally
* Fully submersible
* Easy-to-read LCD screen
* Checks water temperature every second
* Sensor activated-No buttons or switches
* No annoying alarm sound
* Compliant with safety standards
* Ages 0+ (adult supervision required)
As well as being a great safety tool at bathtime it doubles up as a bath toy! As you can see Eliot enjoys playing with it (and using it as a teether!). The bright light on the temperature display also stimulates Eliot and encourages him to play.

You can purchase the Turtlemeter on Amazon, link here.

*This product was sent to us for the purpose of this review. All opinions & views are my own.

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