Sunday 1 December 2013

Winter Wonderland fail and Hamleys

So yesterday we thought it would be a nice family day out to take a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. After deliberating the best mode of transport (pram or carrier) for Eliot I thought him being strapped to daddy was the most sensible. Thus avoiding trying to get the pram on to the tightly packed London Underground. Off we went and I was glad we chose the carrier as there was no way we would have got on the platform, never mind the tube! When we changed at Green Park it was such a nightmare we caught the tube back a station just so we could get on!
When arrived at Hyde Park there was a huge back log of people waiting to get inside Winter Wonderland. Poor Eliot had fallen asleep but looked uncomfortable upright in the carrier. As his bottle was due I suggested to the OH we head to a bench I spied in the distance to feed him. Who knew how long we might be stuck in the queue.
Massive queue beyond the leaves
Being fed by daddy
Once E was fed and winded we headed back to the entrance where the ridiculous amount of people waiting to get in had grown. So we decided to come back another day and walked up to Regent Street to visit Hamleys.
I don't know why I thought otherwise but Regent Street was horrendous too. My stress levels were rising! I despise busy London anyway but with Eliot in tow it made  me hate it even more!
Of course hoards of people were flocking to Hamleys and it was chocka! It was not the enjoyable experience I wanted it to be. Eliot was getting cranky, people were barging and I couldn't believe the prices! Yes I know it's Hamleys but how can they charge £40 for a Fisher Price toy I paid £15 for?! Out-bloody-rageous!
 We did buy a couple of books for E and he enjoyed looking at the display of bath toys but I certainly won't be rushing back there anytime soon!
Loving the bath toy display.

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