Thursday 22 May 2014

Inner City Gems-Center Parcs' May Blogger Challenge

Over the past few weeks, London has been blessed with some glorious weather and what better way to enjoy such days than getting out and about! We all know the British weather is consistently temperamental so I believe you need to make the most of the sunny days we do get.
Living in London it's easy to forget that any serenity and greenery exists amidst the busy hustle and bustle. 
But take a leisurely stroll and you will surely come across some inner city gems.
Take Battersea Park for example, a beautiful green space with wildlife, a boating lake and even a zoo!
It's also home to a Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist stupa making it easy to contemplate you are not even in  London.
On our stroll around the beautiful gardens, we took a break to feed some of the resident ducks. Much to my surprise a heron flapped over and got stuck in with the carb heavy feast!
I adore animals so I was thrilled when the heron joined the ducks. I didn't expect to come across herons on our city park wander.
Here are another couple of herons we spotted as we walked through the secluded paths. Not as confident and/or hungry as the previous heron as they didn't budge when we fed another group of ducks.
Of course the pigeons flocked towards us rapidly to get in on the bread action. Now I know the majority of people dislike pigeons, I don't. In fact I feel sorry for them with the amount of  hatred they get. Regardless of their unpopularity there's no denying that they are iconic city wildlife, you will find them everywhere!

When the weather is good you just have to get in a bit of alfresco dining. On our walk we enjoyed a family picnic.
Time to take a break and recharge! Time to savour summer tastes and enjoy the sunshine. Time to chill out with loved ones. Time to admire the clear blue skies and do a bit of plane spotting...
High in the sky or on the descent to Heathrow. A stark reminder you are actually in London!
It was also an opportunity to snap some of these precious moments. I do love a selfie but it is hard to get little ones to cooperate! My cardigan is clearly more interesting!
And as a finale to our outdoor family time locally, Eliot enjoyed a jaunt on the swings...the smile says it all! 
On a recent venture out of London, we took advantage of the countryside gems! Almost no traffic and fields upon fields of green, with the odd flock of sheep and herds of cows here and there.  Extremely peaceful and relaxing!

 We made several attempts at some family selfies but as usual the little man was distracted by something else!

Rich Heath from Center Parcs gives four tips when getting snap happy outdoors. I'm torn so I have two favourites, taking family selfies for those precious memories and capturing nature, you never know when you'll come across that wildlife again!

*This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 May challenge. If I'm chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest

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