Monday 5 May 2014

The Food Shop and Picnic Fun #Morrisons Mum 1

Last week I received some rather exciting mail from BritMums and Morrisons. I'd been chosen to be one of their #MorrisonsMums to help promote Morrisons 'New Everyday Prices'.
 Over a thousand price cuts have been made on the products we buy most and the great thing is those prices are here to stay, they are not just another promotion!
'This is the start of a new cheaper Morrisons.'
 So armed with Morrisons vouchers we headed to one of our nearest stores, in Wimbledon. When we arrived, Eliot got comfy in the trolley and we began our shop. We quickly spotted the products that had price reductions via their easy to spot labels. 
Morrisons 'New Everday Prices' are marked with the 'I'm cheaper' label.
 I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not only Morrisons own brand range that had price reductions but also plenty of other brands too!
One thing I particularly like about Morrison stores is the way their fresh produce is displayed on 'Market Street'. We picked up some lovely fruit and veg. It wasn't too long before our trolley was virtually over flowing!
One thing we quite fancied eating over the weekend was pizza, not completely from scratch because if the weather was good (which it was) we wanted to get out and about without worrying about rushing home to prep food. What we wanted were pizza bases so we could add our own toppings. There weren't any bases with the fresh pizzas so we asked a member of staff to help us locate some. He was friendly, helpful and tracked down what we were after! Shortly after it was time to head to the checkout. Our shop included some  yellow stickered reduced items as well as products with the new price cuts so we did come away with some great  deals and value for money!
There was one slight problem though, we bought so much we needed to use Eliot's pram as a trolley to help us get everything up to our flat!

 Then of course there was the unpacking to do!

The following morning the sun was shining so we decided to go for a picnic. I made some cheese and spinach muffins to take along with us. And of course other 'usual' picnic food, we made ham and tuna sandwiches (not together!), hot smkoked salmon flakes, baguette, houmous, crisps, yogurt, strawberries banana, cucumber and sparkling water. All were purchased on our Morrisons shop.

 Making muffins!
 Just out of the oven
Getting ready to slice some cucumber and strawberries. 
Eliot and his packed lunch. 
We had a lovely time at the park and enjoyed a great value picnic.
Here's a video of our Morrisons Shop and picnic.
See our second blog post including our favourite recipe here
*We were sent vouchers to spend in Morrisons

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