Monday 5 May 2014

#MorrisonsMum 2 Fooood!

I've split my #MorrisonMum post into two as I didn't want to overload with photos and video, you can read my first post here about our shop in Morrisons and our picnic.
In this second post I'll be sharing some of the food we bought and what we thought of it.
We did our shop on Friday afternoon, on our way home we got stuck in bad London traffic and Eliot's dinner time was getting nearer and then it passed. By the time we got home Eliot was hungry so we needed something quickly. I hadn't taken anything I'd pre-made out of the freezer as I'd been planning to cook something from our shop but now there wasn't enough time. Luckily we'd picked up a couple of meals (two for £3) from Morrison's 'Just For Kids' range that would only take a few minutes.


Meals like this are always handy if you find yourself needing dinner pronto. Eliot enjoyed it and wolfed down the lot! I had a little taster too and thought it was really tasty. Eliot also had his first ever taste of strawberries and yogurt for his pudding.

As everything had been a rush we found ourselves wanting something quick and easy too! We'd bought a Morrison's Indian from the reduced section for the bargain price of £3.75. Pretty amazing for two curries, rice and sides. The original price is £7.50 which is still good value considering how much an actual takeaway will cost.

Indian is one of my favourite cuisines, therefore I'm always opinionated when I try dishes that don't come from an Indian restaurant. 

We had chicken korma and chicken tikka masala, both of which were very nice and I was more than pleasantly surprised. We also enjoyed the rice, onion bhajis and naan breads.

 The dish I've probably enjoyed most has to be good old steak and chips! I picked up a sirloin steak on Market Street priced at £3.17 which I thought was amazing value for sirloin! I selected peppercorn sauce to accompany my steak which was only £1. I must admit we were a bit lazy with our cooking over the weekend but as I mentioned in my previous post we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to enjoy the weather!
The steak was delicious, it was tender and the peppercorn sauce went with it perfectly!

As a family our favourite recipe was tuna and roasted veg pizza! You can see it in the you tube video below...

Such a cheap, quick and easy meal to make and of course you can add whatever toppings you fancy. Here's a breakdown of the cost
  • Pizza  bases £1.69
  • Cheddar cheese £1.00
  • Tinned Tuna £1.00 (£4.00 for a pack of 4)
  • Tomato puree 12p  (49p for a tube)
  • Pepper 33p (3 pack 99p)
  • Half Red Onion 10p
  • Quarter pack of cherry tomatoes 24p 
Therefore it cost £2.24 per person. We had the pizza for lunch and shared it between the three of us but I've calculated the cost for two people as that's how many adults it would feed.

Have you done a Morrisons shop since their price cuts?

*We were sent vouchers to spend in Morrisons

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