Sunday 26 October 2014

Eliot's 16 Month Update

This month we have seen some changes, you are saying more words, conkers, duck, tractor, digger, star and you will sometimes copy things we say. You also hum along to certain nursery rhymes like 'Twinkle Twinkle' and you know when to sing 'star'.
You will sit down for longer periods of time and play with your toys or read your books, usually leaving a trail of destruction around you! Something that you do which is quite funny is back into people because you want to sit on their lap and you keep getting up to do it over and over again!
We went away to Dorset at the beginning of the month with Nana J and Grandad, you enjoyed staying in a caravan and were so excited to explore when we arrived. Whilst we were away we took a trip to Peppa Pig World which you enjoyed, it was just a shame it kept raining.
You are still getting faster and faster and mostly like to run to get around. We are experiencing more toddler tantrums when you don't want to something, you really let yourself be heard which isn't always helpful when we're out.
You still love watching Peppa Pig and have taken more of an interest in other programmes, you won't really sit and watch them unless you are in your highchair.
I don't think I've mentioned teeth for a while but you definitely have more, two of your back teeth have come through, one on each side.
On holiday

Food is still a bit hit and miss, if you're really hungry you will eat well but will often refuse foods. I think as you're getting older you want to do it yourself, as you are an independent little fellow! You are getting to grips with using cutlery by yourself.
One thing that you never turn down is egg. Whether it's boiled, scrambled or in the form of an omelette you absolutely love it!
You are still having milk in a bottle three times a day.

We haven't had you weighed since we met with the health visitor, I'm more than sure you are continuing to put on weight.
Some 12-18month clothes still fit you but you are wearing lots of 18-24month bits. We had your feet measured and surprisingly you were still a five and a half.

Sleeping is usually good but you have had the odd night of waking up crying, once possibly due to teething. You nap in the day for an hour or two.

Your Likes/Dislikes
Your like and dislikes are pretty much the same as last month

  • You don't like having a poopy nappy changed and will run away
  • Dancing from side to side when music is playing
  • You like reading/looking at books
  • You love moving toys from one place to another
  • You love tipping things all over the floor
  • You like to be sung to, especially nursery rhymes
  • You have become more interested in Peppa Pig
  • You adore being mobile, to get around independently is really your most favourite thing
  • You are  still obsessed with the washing machine, still particularly at Nana & Grandads
  • You love the cats and stroke (grab) Mimi, Coco still runs if you enter the same room
  • You still enjoy nursery rhymes
  • You love playing with balls, rolling, kicking or throwing them
  • You don't like the noise from hand dryers in public toilets
  • You continue to battle when having your nappy changed, it normally takes two of us

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