Saturday 25 October 2014

WotW Moving!

Finally I get to write about the fact we have (finally) found somewhere to move, as long as everything goes to plan! After a few months of searching and having offers refused, even when we offered more than others that were interested. It really has been an up and down stressful rollercoster. That changed last weekend. I received a phone call from an estate agent about a property I'd previously enquired about. The sale had fallen through and it was back on the market. We made an appointment to view it the following day. We liked it and spent a while chatting with the vendor who gave us his contact details. Later on we got in touch to say we wanted to buy and on Monday we got in touch with the estate agent. It's a shared ownership property so we also had to apply for it through a housing association, this was nerve wracking as we had to wait a couple of days for their decision. The OH actually avoided my phone calls and texts on Wednesday as he wanted to surprise me when I got home from work. I knew it must have been good news otherwise he would have told me. He arrived home with a bottle of sparkly and we celebrated the good news! I know things with houses can change at the drop of a hat but I really hope this is it and this is the home we'll be moving into!
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