Saturday 22 November 2014

OXO Tot 4 Piece Feeding Set Review

 Today on the blog I'm sharing the OXO Tot Toddler Feeding Set. I was super excited to receive the set and let Eliot put it through its paces. Having worked with OXO Tot before, I knew I would be receiving the highest quality products and I was not disappointed!
 It's a four piece set consisting of plate, bowl, fork and spoon, each with their own unique features designed to make self feeding an easier task for toddlers.
The fork and spoon have non slip handles and are designed with a flat area to prevent them from rolling off on to the floor.
 The plate boasts a removable ring which is designed to help toddlers guide their food onto the cutlery and minimise any food spills. Once your tot has mastered the art of feeding themselves with the cutlery, the ring can be removed. It also features a non slip base making it a doddle for toddlers to learn to feed themselves independently without their dish sliding all over the place.
Eliot's not quite there with feeding himself completely independently. However, as you can see in the photo he is pretty confident. It's getting the food on to the cutlery which he still needs help with.

The bowl is perfect for cereal, snacks and pasta, it comes with a snap on lid which is ideal for storing leftovers or taking snacks on the go. It is designed with 'straight side walls' to assist toddlers with guiding their food on to their cutlery. Like the plate it has a non slip base, meaning it stays firmly in place when your toddler is putting food on their fork/spoon.
We have been really impressed with the OXO Tot feeding set, I love how the look is simple yet sleek and stylish. The design of each piece is really helping Eliot on his journey to self feed with cutlery, which you can see in the photos.
All pieces are dishwasher safe and are free from BPA, PVA and phthalate.
As with the other OXO Tot products I've tried, the quality is outstanding. I 100% recommend trying out the OXO Tot range if you haven't already! You can purchase from sites such as Amazon and other retailers.

Have you tried any of the OXO Tot range?

* I was sent the product for the purpose of the review, all opinions are honest and my own

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