Friday 14 November 2014

Off The Blogging Track

The photo is not relevant to the post but I find Eliot's crazy hair amusing so thought I'd use it.
Lately I've been totally off track with my blog posts and I can't exactly pinpoint why. Here's a few reasons why I've been lapse...
  • Working (albeit part time)
  • Moving home 'stresses'
  • Mummy duties
  • House chores
I have things I want to write, I have things I NEED to write but they're just not getting done. I have every intention of writing something and then the opportunity is gone. Purely because something else needs to be done or my blogging 'mojo' has evaporated.
I love blogging, from the memories captured to the opportunities that I've had, so there's no way I will end it. 
I think once we've moved and we're settled somewhere new, I will be back on track. Right now I feel overwhelmed with it all.
I apologise if my posts are a bit here and there, bear with me and thank you for coming back to read them!

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