Saturday 29 November 2014

The Signature Range - Interview With Billie Faiers

When an email landed in my inbox asking if I'd like to interview Billie Faiers at the launch of her Signature Range with My Babiie, I of course said yes. What mum doesn't like to scope out the latest set of wheels for tots?!
Billie teamed up with My Babiie to produce a range that reflected her personality and her 'passion for cutting edge design'. As a new mum herself Bille strove for high quality products, as parents we all want the best for our children but they also needed to look stylish, which I certainly think they do!
I was most surprised by the prices of the range, I expected the starting price to be over £100 but prices start at £59.99 which I think is excellent value, especially as the pushchairs have features you would pay extra for with other brands.
What Billie said about her range in the press release...

"Designing my own range and working with the team at My Babiie to create ‘The Signature Range’ has been a dream come true. I've had so much input and created products that I'm really proud of and products that I wanted to use – I love them!
“Before Nelly arrived I wanted to make sure she had the best of everything as all new mums do and I soon realised that it doesn't always have to come with a high price point. I've created a range that people can use again and again - I'm keeping hold of all my items as I would love more children and I will be able to use it again soon as it would be great to give Nelly a little brother or sister – I really want to have another soon so the children are close in age."

 I was a bit nervous about interviewing Billie especially when I realised it was not behind the scenes as I thought but on the shop floor. It was fine though, Billie was lovely, very friendly and came across exactly how she does on TV. Below are the questions I asked about her range.
What gave you inspiration for your designs?
Billie said that she worked closely with the team at My Babiie to incorporate the things she loved. As a fan of Chanel she pointed out the quilted design on her cream pushchair. She wanted them to look great and not be gender specific.
If you had to pick one, what would your favourite design be?
This was an easy answer for Billie, pointing to the cream stroller again she exclaimed that was her favourite. I told her I loved the look of it too but it wouldn't be practical for Mr E as he is a messy little chap.
Are there any plans to create more baby products?
Billie said there were definitely plans in the pipeline for more baby products and that they were looking to expand the range at My Babiie.
And last but not least...
What one tip would you give mum's to be?
Billie thought long and hard about the answer to this one and exclaimed it was hard as there are soooo many things she could say. But her tip would be definitely buy a cot mobile, she said her daughter Nelly absolutely loved the fisher price one they had. Billie exclaimed Nelly would stare at it for ages and it would comfort her.
So there we have it, I probably could of squeezed in a couple of more questions but I could hear Eliot having a meltdown somewhere in the background and at the moment they are pretty bad so I wrapped up with a photo.

You can watch my vlog here
Looking very un-glam next to Billie
 What do you think of The Signature Range?

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