Sunday 22 June 2014

BritMums Live 2014

The posts are cropping up left, right and centre so if you haven't read about BritMums Live 2014 yet, where have you been?!
On the run up to the big event many of us bloggers had declared how nervous we were but it turns out it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined.
Through the wonders of social media I'd arranged to meet a few bloggers beforehand which was grand but on Friday morning my nerves started to kick in! I got in touch with Donna from The London Mum to see if she wanted to meet at Liverpool Street Station. A group of us had planned to meet at All Bar One but I found the prospect of turning up by myself extremely daunting. I am just crap in those situations, so I was relieved when Donna was up for to meeting first too.
We headed to All Bar One where we plucked up some Dutch courage with Prosecco, and thanks to Donna met some other bloggers including Katie from Hurrah For Gin and Kiran from Mummy Says. All very lovely and I discovered a few who had lived in the area I do now, small world!
With a couple of Proseccos down the hatch it was time to head to registration.  We met Gemma from Sunshine On A Cloudy Day, Andrea from Blogger Mumma and one of her gorgeous boys, baby Archie.
On our empty stomachs lined with Prosecco, Donna and I actually missed the introduction! I think we both assumed that there would be an announcement so carried on chatting to brands. But there were no notifications! As a grown adult I'm perfectly responsible enough to get where I need to be but failed massively here! I blame the Prosecco!
The first day went by in a blur of meeting fellow bloggers, seminars, crazy dressing up and the BiB awards.
I am so pleased to have met Kelly from To Become Mum, I love reading her blog and she is so lovely! I was really glad I bumped into Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks, one of my blogging faves, another lovely person, who has been kind enough to give me blog advice more than once and for that I am very grateful!
 Over the two days I spent quite a lot of time with Vicki from Ellie Bear Babi who was also so lovely! I've repeated lovely far too many times but everyone I met was just that!
 Saturday was a day of more seminars, learning, being inspired and meeting more wonderful bloggers. It was great to meet Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas who I made a  'sort of pact' with about buying a BritMums Live ticket. Sarah bought hers the next day but I didn't after seeing the state of my poor bank account! A few weeks later though I did, so I didn't entirely break the pact! Over lunch I met Donna from Redhead Babyled, amongst other bloggers and again everyone was lovely!
One highlight had to be having cuddles with Andrea's gorgeous Archie, he was so well behaved (in fact all the babies were) and simply adorable!
What really made the weekend was meeting the people behind the blogs, especially the wonderful bloggers I spent lots of time with. Thank you Donna, Gemma, Andrea and Vicki for fab first time BritMums memories, roll on BritMums 2015 and the Butlins weekend/Trip to Northern Ireland somewhere between (hopefully!)
If you fancy a glimpse of what BritMums was like, watch my Vlog :)

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