Thursday 19 June 2014

Yoo-hoo... I'm still here!

Right at this moment I am absolutely sick to death of looking at my laptop screen. For days I have been writing reports for the class I teach part time and barely know. It has been hard as I don't feel I know them well enough, so my comments are a bit more sparse. Regardless its taken me bloody ages! Still the last time I wrote reports I had a bump, now I have my little man it's not as easy to allocate time to things such as reports.
Any-hoo I just wanted to check in and say we're still here as my blog has been neglected. Due to work pressures and various other bits there has been no time to spend on it. But I do have lots of bits that are back logged so do keep an eye out for new posts and reviews!

Tomorrow I'm off to Britmums live, super excited but also super unorganised and nervous...but I'll be reporting back soon!

Have a great weekend!

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