Saturday 14 June 2014

New Hair & A&E

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you may have seen that I paid a long overdue visit to the hairdressers. And when I say long overdue I mean a year and a half :-0
The last time I had my bonce cut is when I was three months pregnant with Eliot. I realise this is probably 'shock horror' for many people but seriously time really does fly. Needless to say the ends of my hair were in a terrible condition and my poor locks really were crying out for a revamp.
I went to a salon I hadn't been to in my home town before. Luckily I walked in at the right time and just had to wait ten minutes for my haircut.
I talked through what I wanted with the hairdresser and she got to work.
It was literally like a weight off my shoulders as she snipped away! I love it, it looks and feels so much better and I can actually do something with it whereas before I was just scraping it up out of the way. Overall I'm very pleased with the cut but why oh why do hairdressers always take off more than you requested?
Feeling good about my hair I went shopping in the hope that I may have some success with outfits for Britmums. My mum was looking after Eliot so I made the most of baby free shopping! I bought a few things but I'm not overly happy with them, I need to try them on again.

When I arrived back at my mums she said that Eliot had had an accident. He'd fallen off the bed face first. My little man had a red nose and upper lip. He hadn't been sick, there was no bleeding and he didn't have any bumps. We thought to be on the safe side we'd take him down to A&E to get checked over. He did seem ok in himself but as I hadn't been there when the accident occurred I wanted some medical reassurance he was ok.
As expected there was a fair bit of waiting involved, Eliot got cranky as he wanted to crawl all over the floor.
We saw a nurse who assessed him first of all. He was a bit uncooperative but thankfully she said he appeared ok but we would need to wait for a doctor to check him over.
It wasn't too long before we were called again. The doctor asked some more questions and carried out some checks, much to Eliot's disapproval. E was not a happy bunny and screamed the place down. But after his battle with the doctor we were told that all looked well, thank goodness! We were advised to bring him back if there was any further concern.

                Having a late dinner & choc buttons after his ordeal.
                       So I guess it's true, Friday 13th is unlucky for some!

Have you had any bad luck on Friday 13th?

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