Sunday 13 July 2014

'It's all a trick' #HeinzPastaQuotes

Hands down, Julia Donaldson is one of the best children's authors ever! I became familiar with her wonderful books as a trainee teacher and my love continues to grow. Her stories grip a group of thirty children, make them laugh, make them shout "it rhymes!', and enhance their reading enjoyment.
 So when my little guy came into the world last year, there were no doubts he was going to be introduced to Julia Donaldson books early on. The first book I read to him by Julia Donaldson was 'The Gruffalo', He smiled and giggled when I changed my voice to represent the various characters.
So when the opportunity arose to enter the #HeinzPastaQuotes with Tots 100 there was no question that our quote would come from a Julia Donaldson book. But which one would we choose as we genuinely adore all of the ones we have in our collection. It was going to be a tricky decision but we read them and I based our decision on Eliot's reaction to the different stories. At the moment the clear winner is 'The Gruffalo's Child' and our favourite quote from the book is...

'Its all a trick
I don't believe in the big bad mouse'

This post is my entry to the Tots 100 and Heinz competition to support book week.

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