Thursday 17 July 2014

Staying Safe In the Sun with Organic Children Sun Lotion REVIEW

The temperature is set to soar over the next couple of days (it's pretty darn hot already!) and one thing for sure is that we need to keep the whole family safe outside!
Last week I made the mistake of not putting on any sun cream whilst on a school trip to the seaside. It was overcast when we arrived and it was fairly breezy down on the beach. My job was to stand in the water with a fellow teacher to ensure the groups of children that came in for a paddle did not stray beyond us. Later on when we had lunch up on the grass, was when the sun seemed to come out and it did begin to feel quite hot.
 On the coach journey back my arms and face began to feel a bit tender. But boy my calves had massively paid the price for me foolishly not applying any sun cream. That evening they were bright red and very sore indeed!
I would never even contemplate not putting any sun cream on Eliot, so this was a reminder that my skin is not invincible and I should not be naïve about overcast breezy conditions! Of course standing in the water reflected the sun on my poor calves even more.  As well as the kids we need to ensure we protect our own skin too!

As we all know the sun is at it's hottest from around 11am-3pm, if it's possible you should avoid being in the direct sun for lengthy periods at these times. Obviously most people will be out at some point between these times, so what can we do to maximise protection from the heat and sun?

  • Wear cool comfortable clothing. Pure cotton is the best
  • Wear a hat to keep those rays off heads, faces and backs of necks
  • Drink plenty of water and cool drinks to stay hydrated
  • Treat yourself to ice lollies/ice creams to help stay cool
  • Stay in the shade when possible or avoid the sun altogether between 11am-3am
  • Water play is a great way for little ones to have fun and help stay cool, whether it's in the paddling pool or simply a washing up bowl with water and toys.
  • Dress the kids in clothes that offer sun protection
  • And of course apply sun cream to those areas that are exposed to the sun
Eliot staying safe in the sun

We were recently sent some Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion to try out and review. In SPF 25, it is scent free and offers medium protection from UVA and UVB. It is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin as it is free from nasties such as, parabens, alcohol and colourants. 81% of the ingredients are organic and the lotion is approved by the vegetarian society. Definitely a product I feel comfortable about applying to Eliot's skin.
Something that I have particularly liked about the Organic Children's sun lotion is that it is scent free, some sun creams have a very strong smell making you wonder about what ingredients they contain. It is not greasy at all and rubs in very easily to the skin, which is very beneficial when you have a wriggling toddler! I have found this perfect for Eliot's skin.

I also made a surprising discovery! Did you know that there is only a 2% difference in protection between SPF 25 and SPF 50? Nope? Neither did I, I thought you were getting double the protection when using SPF 50! Therefore there is a very small difference in the amount of protection.

Enjoy the sunny weather over the next few days but remember to stay sun safe!

*I was sent the product for the purpose review, all views are entirely my own

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