Thursday 10 July 2014

One Minute

On Monday morning at work, I received a voicemail from my dad. He was calling to tell me my mum was in hospital.
A few years ago I received a similar voicemail from him, that time my mum was in intensive care after having a heart attack when coming round from a general anaesthetic.

So obviously I was very worried and upset having received the voicemail on Monday. I left work and headed to my parents place to pick up some bits for my mum. Once I'd got them I drove to the hospital. It took me a few minutes to find where her ward was. When I did, I walked in to a sea of of blue curtains and a lot of staff around one of the beds. A nurse came over, I told her my mums name and she asked me to wait outside for a few minutes as they were working on a patient. I then realised there was something serious happening, I saw a man pacing the corridor visibly upset.
I waited quite a while before I was able to go into the ward and see my mum. She was surprised and relieved to see me. She explained that the woman in the next bed had arrived in hospital just after my mum. They'd said 'hello' to each other and shortly after her family arrived. Then at some point all of a sudden the next thing my mum noticed was doctors and nurses rushing around the lady before all the curtains around the other beds were closed. Very sadly the lady passed away. We weren't aware of this until later on though.
Whilst keeping my mum company I thought and reflected. I thought about how day to day life is taken for granted by myself, by others. I saw the amazing jobs the nurses were doing of taking care of the patients.
In moments like those you really see how life is so precious. One minute we can be here and the next minute, be gone. Situations such as this put things in perspective.
Thankfully my mum is now at home and doctors couldn't see a problem with her heart. I need to remember not to take things for granted.

What has made you reflect?

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