Thursday 28 August 2014

Eliot's 14 Month Update

Monday was bank holiday, we went away for the night with Nana J so that's why I'm late again with your update!
This month you seem more and more like a little boy and no longer a baby, (although you'll always be my baby!) you just seem so big! You definitely look older than 14 months and people are often surprised when they ask how old you are and we tell them.
I have noticed that you are spending more time playing wtih/exploring your toys, you are also more interested in your books and will sit looking at the pages and turn them. You'll also happily sit and look at a book with an adult, usually Grandad! One of your favourite things is pulling all your books from the shelf and putting them on a chair in your room or all over the floor.
It's also become more apparent how much you take in as you know a lot of things we're talking about or ask you to do. You are saying a few more words, tick-tock (you also wave your finger, Nana J taught you this), car and of course mama, dada, nana. You wave hello and goodbye, when we ask you where someone/something is and they're not there you hold two hands out to say 'gone'. You also do this when something falls on the floor or if someone leaves the room. You applaud yourself when you point to the clock and say tick-tock as you've got used to us doing this. It is funny and so cute! Nana J bought you a new book which plays a few different nursery rhymes and you started to dance to incy wincy spider. You rock on your feet and sway side to side, again it makes us chuckle but it's adorable. 
When you want something you will point at something and grunt, you have been doing this for a while but I'm not sure I've mentioned it.
A clip of you saying tick-tock
Unbelievably in just over a month you've grown a whole shoe size! I know baby/toddler feet grow fast but I didn't expect it to be that quick! I think you will cost us a small fortune in shoes! Back to Clarks we went and ended up getting a pair of fitted trainers that have a flashing light. You were measuring a five and a half H but they seemed a bit wide, so you have a G fitting.

Generally you love the fact that you are fully mobile and want to walk/run everywhere, not always in the direction we need to go! You are more steady are your feet but still have little falls, they don't bother you unless you really hurt yourself. You just get back up and get on with it. As Nana J says, you're a typical boy.

These past few weeks you have really been off your food and fussy. Even with things you used to love, you won't even try never mind eat. Like mango for example, you would polish half a mango off no problem but now you'll only seem to eat it if I leave the skin on and you can suck it off yourself. I'm not sure if it's just a phase or fussy toddler territory that we're in with no return! I hope it's just a phase as it was lovely to watch you gobble your food and enjoy it.  You are happy eating a few things, banana, omelette, grapes, raisins, crackers, peas, pasta and of course things that you shouldn't eat much of! Everything else is a bit hit and miss, some days you'll eat it, others you won't and quite often you'll refuse altogether.
Mummy did buy you some toddler cutlery, you like eating off the fork and can put the food in your mouth by yourself.
We tried giving you your milk in a beaker but you weren't too keen so we're still using the bottles for now.

Mummy cancelled your 8-12 month check as we ended up not being in London, so we still haven't had your weight checked. I will have to chase them to book another one as they haven't called back with an appointment yet.
You are still in 12-18 month clothes, some are a bit more snug than others so you won't wear them for much longer. Mummy has also found more 12-18 month clothes in your wardrobe that I'd forgotten about so we need to try and get some wear out of them!

You love throwing and rolling balls
You've slept through most nights this month, occasionally as usual you've cried in your sleep but settle with a dummy. There was one night where you were very upset and you only went back to sleep after having some milk. I think your teeth might have been bothering you.
Mimi cat loves you and always rubs her head on you
Your Likes/Dislikes

  • You adore being mobile, to get around independently is really your most favourite thing
  • You are  still obsessed with the washing machine, still particularly at Nana & Grandads
  • You love the cats and stroke (grab) Mimi, Coco runs if you enter the same room
  • You still enjoy nursery rhymes
  • You love playing with balls, rolling, kicking or throwing them
  • You don't like the noise from hand dryers in public toilets
  • You continue to battle when having your nappy changed, it normally takes two of us

I can't believe how quickly you're growing and changing little man, I wonder what 15 months will bring?!
Lots of Love Mummy xxx

Cheeky Chappy!

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