Tuesday 5 August 2014

First Year Favourites-Essential Baby Items & Tips When buying


I like many other mums, went crazy baby shopping when I was pregnant. I bought far too many baby clothes and other unnecessary bits and bobs, so I thought I'd make a vlog featuring my favourite essential baby items. I realise not all will be 'essential' to some parents but the items featured are what I found essential for us, my favourite baby essentials! I haven't included any of the 'big' items in the vlog just the little things that make a difference!

Even though I did go 'crazy' when baby buying, there are a few tips I'd thought I'd share that enabled me to save quite a bit of money! (especially on some of those larger items)

  • Find out when the next baby & toddler events are on at supermarkets, you can bag some real bargains!
  • ALWAYS shop around (including online) and compare prices to find the best deal
  • Shops like Mothercare hold expectant parent evenings and offer extra discounts (I bought our pushchair from Mothercare on one of these evenings and got an extra 10% off an already reduced item!)
  • Wait for end of season sales
  • Find out if any ex-display items are for sale (I could have bought a Silver Cross Surf with carrycot for £250)
  • Use ebay (I bought our Mama's & Papas cotbed, changing unit and wardrobe set brand new and saved £95 on the stores reduced price!)
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons, use them or lose them!
  • Join up with baby clubs such as Boots, Cow & Gate, Aptamil etc for discounts and freebies
 What were your favourite essentials?
My first year faves...
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