Friday 8 August 2014

Harvester update

A couple of months back, you may remember I wrote a post about an incident with the Harvester restaurant serving out of date baby food, you can read my post here. I thought I would do a quick update as after my last correspondence with the CEO my other half was still unsatisfied that there had not been an apology from the top. To cut a long story short he arranged for one of the area managers to contact us and meet in person if we wished. When she contacted my other half they arranged a date, the day before Eliot's first birthday party. Typical the OH would do such a thing when I had cake baking to be doing!
So I couldn't attend the meeting but my partner did. The area manager went into detail about how she had investigated the matter, one thing that that came up was that they had called me following my initial complaint and she'd checked the phone records. I did not receive any call from them, unless they called from a withheld number or some 08 zillion to the back of beyond number. In that case I would not have picked up my phone (I don't to such numbers) and in that case they should have left a voicemail. That got my back up a bit because it insinuated we were liars, of course I wasn't there to argue my case but the OH obviously did. Other than that the meeting went ok, we were informed that training/measures had been put in place to ensure that no other baby is served out of date food and the incident had been a learning curve. They did kindly give Eliot a Toys R Us voucher to apologise for 'letting him down', which was unexpected.
After my previous post  I received a comment from someone who basically said after getting our meal complimentary we shouldn't have taken it further. It was not about getting a 'freebie' it was about the health and safety of my son and other babies! If we hadn't made a fuss/drama, there's a possibility it could have happened to someone else's baby and if they have new measures in place as we were informed, it theoretically should never happen again.  And that is not a bad thing!

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