Saturday 7 December 2013

Being considerate...RANT

After two weekends of experiencing inconsiderate/rude/un-compliant people on the London Underground I feel the need to rant!

What do these notices mean to you?
For the past two weeks on the tubes we've travelled on, they have meant zilch to the general public! It has really wound me up! How much does common courtesy cost these days?
Last weekend we had Eliot in his carrier and not one person offered a seat, this upsets me because on a crowded tube it would have been much safer for one of us to be sat down with him. As the priority sign depicts, if you are holding a baby/small child (along with the other images), you have priority to sit in that seat.
Today we had Eliot in the pram and again the people sat in the fold down seats (spaces for buggys/luggage) didn't fall into the having a pushchair or luggage category, yet they didn't politely offer their seat. So instead, along with another parent we blocked the doors with our pushchairs! It just infuriates me that many people cannot comply with simple requests that affect the safety and well being of all passengers.
Even when I was heavily pregnant there were occasions where people turned a blind eye, and I have to say in 95% of these cases it has been men who have been the offenders! Though saying that I have also come across some very polite males.

Yes we could pipe up and ask politely if we could have the seat/space but we shouldn't have to when there are notices there stating the obvious!

What are you thoughts or experiences ! I would love to hear!

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