Thursday 19 December 2013

The A-Z of me!

I was tagged by My Petit Canard to do this tag, thank you! So here we go the A-Z of me!

A is for Angel, one of my middle names. My dad wanted to actually name me this! Thank goodness my mum put her foot down :D 

B is for bed, oh how I love my bed and sleeping in it! These days I may get a disturbed sleep or early wake up but I still love getting all cosy! 

C is for chocolate, I hope I don't get too much for Christmas :-/ even though I love it, my waistline does not!

D is for ducks. I used to have pet ducks as a child. They were amazing, so much fun and such characters. Their names were Daffy and Dilly.

E is for engaged. The other half proposed almost a year ago on 23rd December 2012. Unfortunately my ring is still too tight after swelling during pregnancy. We still haven't started planning it, any tips will be greatly appreciated :)

F is for family. This year two became three and I do so want to expand our family in the future.

G is for garden, I want one! We live in a flat but I would like to move to a property with a garden for our boy to play and our cats to roam.

H is for holiday. I really want to sort our first holiday as a family. I think I'd like it to be somewhere here with the amount of  stuff you have to cart with you when you have a baby!

I is for Indian, one of my favourite cuisines. I love a hot curry, rice and naan!

J is for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I'm a fan of The Tudors and can't wait to see Dracula, the new series he stars in.

K is for kittens, my cats were so adorable when they were kittens!

L is for London, where I currently live and have love/ hate relationship with. I want to move to greener pastures in the near future.

M is for marmite, definitely a 'love' of mine! You can't beat a cheese and marmite sarnie!

N is for  'newbie'. My blog is still fairly new so I'll call myself a 'newbie' :)

O is for other half, how I refer to the fiancé on the blog.

P is for photos. I have loved taking them for as long as I can remember. I used to be that annoying person who would always be taking pictures. These days I don't take enough :(

Q is for  queues. I don't like them, who does?! But I like to think I'm patient when stuck in one.

R is for regret. Recently I experienced something I regretted immediately. It taught me never to do something you are not sure about. Life does have regrets but they shouldn't be big ones.

S is for son. In June I gave birth to our first child who weighed a hefty 9.5lbs. His name is Eliot Jude and I adore him.

T is for teacher. My job. A rewarding profession but like all, has it's downfalls.

U is for underground. I'm sooo glad I don't commute on the London Underground for work. Total nightmare during rush hour!

V is for vile. A word a often use to describe something I dislike.

W is for Winter Wonderland. We made our first visit this year as a family. It's so festive and there's loads to see and do. I def recommend a visit :)

X is for x-factor. Whenever asking children to think of a word that has x in, they will always give this as an example.

Y is for yellow. A colour that doesn't suit me but also an amazing song by Coldplay.

Z is for zip. Anyone else have issues doing the zip up sometimes? My fine motor skills are obviously not the best!

There we have it the A-Z me. I'm tagging Lou Lou and the Boy in BlueTo become mumVonnie and all that would like to do this tag :)

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