Wednesday 26 March 2014

Eliot Jude You're 9 Months Old

Eliot you have now been out in the world as long as you were growing in my tummy! It seems crazy that nine months ago today you had just entered the big wide world!
This month I don't think we've seen many big changes.
You continue to enjoy getting your own way (who doesn't?!) and you are more crafty in your little ways. When we say 'no' to you about something you shouldn't be doing you smile and carry on doing it, naturally! When I'm holding you and you wish to get down you arch your back and to try and slide out of my you very nearly fell on the floor when we were out having lunch!
You have almost outgrown your car seat so we have bought you a new one, all ready to go in. I hope you prefer it as you dislike getting in your old one and try to push yourself out.
You're not crawling yet but you did push yourself backwards across the kitchen floor tonight. What you prefer is to be on your feet and you will take steps with us supporting you and holding your hands. I think you may skip the crawling altogether! I won't really mind as I won't be able to take my eyes off you when you are on the move! When you are in your walker you leave a trail of destruction behind and in front of you. You roll onto your front quite a lot know and can push yourself up off the floor when we hold your hands.
I've heard 'mum', 'mumma' a few more times now, good boy keep it up!
Last week we went away with Nana J to Nottinghamshire which you enjoyed but you didn't sleep very well while we were there.
A couple of weeks ago you were off your food for a while, you were under the weather but I'm not sure if it was your teeth or something else. Other than that you still eat like a machine and mummy's work friends said you had a good appetite when we had lunch with them today. You are crafty with your food, if you really like something you won't eat what else you have on your tray so we give you the bits you will turn down first!
Nothing much has changed with your bottles, I am still giving you a 7oz when you wake up and before you go to bed. Sometimes you don't finish them but you do love your first and last bottle. You have been having one or two 4oz bottles during the day but often you aren't fussed about them.
Mummy finally took you to get weighed yesterday and you are 22lbs 4oz. A big healthy boy! The health visitor said your weight was fine.
You are in 9-12 months clothes and I think we need to check some of the 12-18 month bits in your wardrobe, especially trousers as you have long legs!

You are still pretty good and sleep through the majority of nights. When we were away you woke up and I had to put you into bed with me to get you back to go back sleep.

Trying out your stroller
Your Likes/Dislikes
  • You adore whizzing round in your walker and causing mayhem!
  • You love getting hold of the oven glove, tea towels, plastic bags, paper and pretty much anything you can wave around whilst in your walker.
  • You like copying daddy and sweeping the floor.
  • You still like the simple things in life, cardboard boxes, menus, tins to bash on and/or wave around.
  • You continue to have a love/hate relationship with the washing machine.
  • The cats still highly amuse you.
  • You like rough play with daddy.
  • Not much has changed with tummy time.
  • You dislike your car seat until the car moves!

Until your 10 month update!

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