Friday 14 March 2014

A letter to Eliot Jude

Dear Eliot,

I thought I'd write a quick letter before I forget some things that happened today.

Today was a day we went to meet your prospective childminder when I go back to work part time in  a few weeks.
Before we left home we were sat on the living room rug  and I blew bubbles. Mimi cat came to investigate as she usually likes swotting the bubbles. You love Mimi and we're watching her intently, wanting to get closer you pushed yourself up on my leg and tried to reach her. A milestone! You pushed yourself up and we're holding yourself, daddy and I are proud!

We went to meet Natalie the childminder. I was worried you would be upset as you don't always take well to new faces these days. Turns out you were fine, you gave her smiles when she spoke to you and you were happy enough when she picked you up and played.
This was a relief and made me feel happier about it all.

After we went for a late lunch in Nandos. You've been off your food the past few days, I think that's down to your teeth. Whilst we were there you were getting lots of attention from a lady on another table, you were happy with her to talk to you too. But something happened for the first time! She asked us if you were a girl or a boy. I was surprised as we've not encountered this before and I put it down to the bib you were wearing.

Next we went to get a 'big boy' car seat fitted in the car., it won't be long before you're in your new maxi cosi seat! We also nipped in to sainsburys. On the way out another lady asked if you were a girl or boy. I thought it was always the other way round where girls got mistaken for boys!

Lots of 'firsts' happened today,

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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