Tuesday 4 March 2014

In one short month...

I shall return to work.
Friday 4th April is the exact date.
After this day is the 2 week Easter holiday break.
I will have 2 weeks before I return part time, 3 days a week.
I will be a year 2 teacher for 3 days a week.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

This means less time with my son.

This means leaving him in the care of someone else.

If I could have it my way I would not return to work in one short month.
I would return when he is older.
I'm worried I will miss those precious 'firsts'.
Crawling, standing, walking etc.
Those moments are for mummies and daddies surely?

I do not want my work to eat into our family time.
For there is never ending work in a classroom.
Couple that with the current position of my school = Nightmare!
Observations, planning, marking, assessing, SATs, OFSTED.

Stress, stress, stress!

Put the above 5 lines aside and part of me is looking forward to doing something as 'just me'.
I will wonder how I can cram maths, English, phonics, assembly and playtime in before lunch.
When on many occasions as a mummy I have nothing done by noon.

I hope it will make me better at managing my time.
I WILL make sure we make the most of those other 4 days, I have to!
Because I can't believe my son is already 8 months old, where did that time go?
I cannot return to these early times and years therefore I must make the most of every moment.

Then I think about the cleaning, the cooking, my blog.
How on earth will I have time to do all the essentials & blog?
If I could have it my way I would be a SAHM for a good couple of years yet!
I would not be returning to work...in one short month!

I would love to hear your tips on returning to work after maternity leave! I am dreading it.

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