Thursday 3 April 2014

Be Inspired 'MAIS' Be You...

Is quite simply my fashion tip! 'Mais' is the French word for 'but', if you were wondering :) 
For years (predominantly the teenage ones) I spent so much time trying to look like the peers that I admired, the celebs that were the latest craze or what was the current catwalk trend.
But in my endeavours I made many a fashion 'faux pas' and often felt quite low. For I've never been the size 6, 8, 10 (nor had their height!) of the catwalk models, therefore those looks were never going to be right for me, my look or my frame.
I've felt awkward and uncomfortable in certain fashion 'attempts' and that's not the way to roll for any occasion, be it shopping with the girls or for a wedding!
Over the years I've learnt to be 'inspired' by new trends and make them my own to suit me, my look, my frame, my personality.
Why be someone else in the style stakes when you can be you?! 
Take inspiration from the glossy mags, the catwalk, the friend, the colleague and anyone else that catches your eye! Just make it your own, feel comfortable in the skin you're in and the style that adorns it!
A few pics of me rocking it my way...(please excuse the quality, they are from a few years ago)
I 'J'ADORE' floral prints and have worn them in different ways from bags to scarves, to dresses. I love the 'girly floral look above. Ideal for laid back city sightseeing and schmoozing!

The LBD, an absolute staple for every females wardrobe! Versatile, sleek and chic! Perfect for celebrating a special occasion and so many options to find the right one for you.
Throwing on a statement hat to give an outfit a bit more edge. Simple yet adds to a look.
Don't forget to reach for trusty wardrobe staples! La Redoute share their '7 wardrobe essentials' in their  Secrets To French Style. I'm pleased to have many 'nestled' in my 'armoire', ready to create my very own look! 
Which of the essentials do you have in your wardrobe?

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